Brony Thread - Any MLP fans?

Didn’t notice one of these and didn’t pick up any keywords using a small search so I thought I’d make a brony thread.

Please note: I know the MLP:FiM fandom gets quite a lot of hate compared to other fandoms but please don’t post that here. You don’t have to view this thread just like I don’t have to view ones I have no interest in.

So, is anyone else on this forum a brony? I mean I’m not the biggest fan but I do enjoy watching each episode and the occasional fan media. :).

just…why? why start this here?


agreed, i don’t want no stonehearth my little pony up in my fourms. @SteveAdamo LOCK IT DOWN NOW!

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This post is completely irrelevant to the entire discourse!

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Seem the previous three[quote=“stephenmr424, post:4, topic:2849, full:true”]
This post is completely irrelevant to the entire discourse!
Not sure I believe that. It is as relevant as most of the other random posts in the “General Discussion” forum.

@bluetiger6001 I enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the animation and the solid story construction, but I’m not sure that there is anything to discuss. It is good. If you want to discuss what specifically I like about it, I’ll have to take more time, but I don’t have the faintest clue about what goes on in the fandom. I’ve never labeled myself as a brony and probably never will.

My friend, there does not need to be a MLP thread on every forum on the internet. I get it, you like the show, but there are dedicated forums to talk about it. I wouldn’t mind so much if this wasn’t so frequent everywhere, but it is. And it doesn’t need to be.

I do not dislike bronies, and I certainly don’t hate them, but I’d rather not have this here. If you want to discuss this topic, please go to a forum for it, otherwise, some people will hate you. They may have ignorant or otherwise aggressively biased opinions, but I can understand it. Bronies and the MLP fandom is everywhere, and it is annoying. People hate seeing their favorite games, movies, etc. have ponies mashed into it because yay ponies. And that is probably where most of the hate comes from.

Please, do not try to make a long-living thread on this. As I said, I personally do not hate or dislike or etc. bronies, but I also do not like seeing them everywhere. Few other fandoms are spread around so much, and normally pertain to specific forums.

This is not the place for MLP. But if you wish to pursue this thread, I cannot stop you. But this is not where it should be.


thankfully, im fairly oblivious to the whole brony scene… as this is a general discussion thread, you’re obviously welcome to have a family friendly discussion about… whatever it is fans of bronies discuss… :smile:

but the minute it gets ugly (as with any other thread), we’ll lock it down faster than… well… it’ll be fast… fast i tells ya! :lock:


This, a thousand times this. I don’t care if you are obsessed with MLP, thrilled even that you have found a show that tickles your fancy. But every single place I turn is becoming positively plastered with MLP stuff, and I’m just plain sick of it. For the love of all that is good and holy, go find a forum that caters to your cartoon equine obsession and post about Flutter-whatsit and all her magical pony friends there.



I know what to do! I’ll make a new account and make it soooooo ugly that you’ll have to lock the thread, ban the account, AND KILL EVERY LAST BRONY EVER!

But on a serious note, @RoseyNineOneOne has said it best. There doesn’t need to be one here.

I mean, if this is about a MLP mod for stonehearth shudder Then by all means, go ahead, otherwise don’t bring it up or you’ll get hate.

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for what its worth, the only folks getting upset are those opposed to the topic to begin with… which in turn brings the subject back to the top, and draws more attention…

as with any topic here, if there is no interest, it will die of natural causes… just a thought… :wink:


But if we let it do that, it might grow back up from the roots next year, we have to pull it out, roots and all.

I think you are failing. Honestly there wasn’t much to discuss in the first place until people started venting their spleen. Just be silent and I think the thread will die of its own accord.

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Guys, you need to enlighten me… what the hell is a “Brony” and what is MLP… I do not think it is “Major League Paseball” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Somehow I have the fear that I might be missing a big hype in the internet here… HELP!

for those of you who don’t know, My little pony is a cartoon directed towards young girls, as you might well imagine, and it follows themes its target audience would respond to, however, for some reason, men of all ages (yes, ALL ages) have become as fiercely loyal to it as Peanut butter is to jelly, the so called hate, most of the time, is people saying they do not like the show, oter times, it is actual vicious verbal attacks, hope this helps a little bit, as for brony, I can only speculate, but I believe it is a mash-up of pony and bro, as for myself, no, im no brony, im a whovian :smiley:

My little pony is a show made for little girls, however it appeals to many different age groups due to it’s “Plot and character interactions” and it’s “References” I myself am not a brony, and any hatred i show towards them is purely comical. Or, it me being mad about them bring it into a entirely unrelated topic, at least talk about a MLP mod if your gonna have one! Don’t waste my time with a thread entirely devoted to talking about MLP, where i come to see if anyone talk about anything related to stonehearth, and never find any.

Sorry, it late and grammar fail.

Guys what do you have against bronies? and what do you care if it has nothing to do with stonehearth, does the favourite anime thread have anything to do with stonehearth? Now guys we have managed to make this a really friendly community for so long! Dont stop that now!!!


@Smith if you could take about 50 steps backwards to that calm place that’d be great.

I don’t care if you don’t like or care for this, but please respect other people’s wishes, likes, and opinions.

The topic is in the rightful place of the General discussion category and is just as relevant as any other topic placed in this category.

As @bluetiger6001 stated this thread is for those people who are into this sort of thing, and it’s ridiculous that the majority of the comments in here, and thus causing this to bubble to the top of the discourse, are those denouncing the whole thing.

If you want nothing to do with this topic then please navigate to the bottom of the page, click the tracking button, and then select “muted”


woh woh woh, calm down. I don’t have nothing against bronies. it just when they bring themselves into stuff to get people angry, look at the title of the thread for pete’s sake! It’s asking for people to come! I mean there’s no better way to make a person do something they don’t want to or don’t care about then to tell them to do the opposite. Plus the fact that they’re trying to make themselves look like a diffrent part of our community, i like things that other’s don’t like and hate things others love. MLP Dosen’t bother me mutch, as it just the fact that I feel someone making a whole new thread to talk about MLP seems redundant to me, if your sutch a devoted MLP fan as to go around and talk about how mutch they love bronies or whatever, as to make another place to discover such a widely talked about topic here. But whatever, I guess they can just go ahead and disscuss it, and i’ll watch as I want to see how Bronys act in a social enviorment. Hey man, someone has to be the bad guy, and i slid into that slot for a second there.

Long post, I apologize, i probably repeated myself a million times and made so many errors in spelling and grammar that your eyes are bleeding. I’m not mad at Bronies, just mad that they like to try to make themselves the center of attention in most social media. Although, I do that in real life, maybe i should rethink my social ideas… This thread is so off topic by now. Someone fix this thread so i’m not having to write the longest post ever written on stonehearth for no good reason other than apologizing for yelling about the fact that they brought bronies to stonehearth. Please, someone HELP ME! And yes @Geoffers747 Even if I love @SteveAdamo more, i’ll still respect you.

Now i’m off to sleep, believe it or not the last paragraph was supposed to be my summing up closing statement. Basically, leave me alone until i come back again later, as i won’t form actually readable reply until then.

Ha, sorry everyone I’ve come across far too aggressively there!

There is a separation between [quote=“Geoffers747, post:17, topic:2849”]
if you could take about 50 steps backwards to that calm place that’d be great.

It wasn’t meant to be aimed at you @Smith.

I appreciate what you’re saying, and I have no interest in my little pony or anything to do with it, but we’ve fostered a pretty welcoming and inviting community so far, I’d like it to stay that way by focussing the hatred and disdain towards myself :smile:

As I said, if you don’t want to have anything to do with this topic then just change the option to ‘muted’ at the bottom and if no one is interested the topic will die by itself.

Sigh* I am a brony myself so let me explain. MLP was originally made for little girls. It started way back as the 80’s gave way to the 90’s. At that same time Tranformers also came out. For the longest time it was clearly a girls show, slowly getting worse with each new season. The with the most recent version of the show, Friendship is Magic, hasbro did something they have never done before. They Hired someone who actually knew how to do their job and not make a piece of crap.

Given that the last few years of cartoons have been rather disappointing… MLP soon gained a large fanbase from anyone willing to sit down and watch the show.

The real reason bronies are hated is cause they tend to NOT SHUT UP about the show. I admit I like it but honestly it would have made far more sense to start a StoneHearth thread on an MLP forum then start a brony thread here.

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