Brony Thread - Any MLP fans?

Ok, thanks for the explanation… nothing for me as it seems but enjoy discussions and “outings” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


welcome aboard @soralthesol! :smile:

bah, i have no problem with any topic (that remains family friendly)… if folks have a common thread that brings about healthy conversation, so much the better…

topics that yield little interest can be just as easily ignored as any other conversation…

and with that, group hug! :rainbow:

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This is because you have a son. If you had daughters like I do, there would be no escape. :wink:


I can’t help but post. I don’t care if your a ‘brony’. I honestly googled the title when it first pop’d up. I had no idea. The pure fact of the tread title is almost a negative approach in itself… “Don’t hate” is a dangerous title - not Brony.

I honestly would have little or no interest if it wasn’t for the title - if you get my point. I know this has very little to do with the topic per say, but maybe just for future reference you make it seem like its a bad thing.

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Well as long as the thread is here, are any of the confirmed bronies here members of FIM Fiction as well? Wouldn’t mind expanding my friend list there.

ah, but i do! my daughter Isabella is 6 (nearly 7), but as it stands so far, she is quite the tomboy, and has little interest in “typical” activities for someone her age… perhaps its because i’ve been so rough and tumble with her since she was very little… i know it worked in her favor when she first started her MMA training (no joke)… :wink:

i’ve tweaked it a bit… should take some of the edge off…


I’m a fan…luna is best pony :confused:

What’s this?! This is the first I’ve heard of her. You’ve been keeping secrets from us?!
(I’m trying to add a smiley on the end, but I don’t know the name of the one I want and so can’t be cutesy. My forum expertise is woefully inadequate.)

Hmm…I’m plenty rough and tumble with my girls, too, but they still like girly things. Ah well.

Mind you, their other favorite shows at the moment are Sonic X and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so I think I’m having some influence. (As girly shows go, My Little Pony isn’t that bad. There is actual plot and the characters usually have to do more than cry to overcome their problems.)

you really dont want to crack open that box, my friend… trust me:see_no_evil:

trust me, i say a silent prayer to as many random deities as i can each night, in thanks for this very thing… :smile:

and my apologies to the bronies (sp?) for the derailment…

I think one of the bigger problems with the MLP community comes from Rule 34 and the overly defensive and obsessive types. Many people see bronies as those who are sexually attracted to the ponies within the show or just ‘gay’ (I hate that word), and while there is a very vocal minority of angry bandwagon bronies who may or may not spread MLP R34 everywhere, that is the type of brony most people experience more frequently, and gives them a negative view.

Do not google MLP Rule 34 by the way. Might not be a pleasant sight.

Also, have a funny image that makes me laugh.


Hooray for Google Safesearch and text-based search results. I now have a clue as to what you are talking about without being scarred for life.

I agree. Do not google MLP Rule 34. It is pornography. You don’t want it. Just leave it at that.

(I thought I’d add the explanation since there are probably far too many curious people like me who will do a thing when given a cryptic prohibition, but who might not do it if given enough information to know why they shouldn’t. “Don’t visit the creepy house in the woods!” is probably going to get people cuing up at the door, but “Don’t visit the creepy house in the woods because there is a dead rat inside and it smells really bad,” is probably going to have the desired effect.)

You seriously needed to check what rule 34 anything was???

Internet rules:
Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

I have been to those sites… some of it is good, most is okay… then you happen upon the fetish images…

Don’t ask about those. Instead, start funneling money into Brain Bleach research to help undo the damage.

Please see my previous statement about inadequate forum expertise. I may have grown up in the computer generation, but my sensibilities always get in the way any time I have ever attempted to be an internet junky. So it is no wonder to me that I am not conversant with your scatalogical reference.

I think this topic has gotten rather off topic and is getting dangerously close to family un-friendly territory. :caution:

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@SteveAdamo t-shirt idea? If only a cheap one? :wink:

I honestly was in the same kind of boat, MLP? I thought this was a game and somebody was issuing the challenge of playing their team that they use for MLG.

But of course :smile:[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:26, topic:2849”]
MMA training (no joke)


I don’t know how I missed this thread? It didn’t come up on my ‘New’…a shame too, I missed an awful lot :smile:

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she’s 6, and has already fought in more cage fights than her old man…

Isabella - 50+
Dad - 0



Yet another forum under siege from… Bronys…

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hey there @PlatedSteel… welcome aboard! :smile:

picked an interesting introductory thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

This statement makes me wonder why she was in the cage in the first place.

So what is s female fan of My Little Pony called?

A Sony. Dont get them confused with the company especially since they own the company,


They are called Pegasisters. The community is rather nice when you go to the right places. Though I do recommend avoiding 4chan. A lot of the original brony trolls and haters came from there.