Bringing the Elder Scrolls to Stonehearth (Mod)


Bringing the Elder Scrolls to Stonehearth
Been working on this mod on and off for a year with 700+ hours put into it thought I’d finally show it off, with some sneak peaks on models in-game stuff and more to come!

What are the plans for the mod?

What is the main goal of the mod?
“The main goal in the end is for this to become a full on overhaul mod on Stonehearth. However these plans wont come to light until a lot things are set in stone development wise for Stonehearth.”

Who do you play as in the mod?
“I have had some very mixed feelings about this over the creation of the mod at moment I decided to have One faction which Includes all 10 races together. While allowing the Player to have choices a long the road of who he wishes to side with. These choices will effect in the end who wins the Civil War in your Campaign and will lead into post campaigns with the winning faction to explore and defeat more threats against your world that are coming.”

How big is the mod?
“The Mod is pretty massive in its current state just put into some type of prospective the mods file size at the moment is just shy of a few MBs smaller than the current bases games, and the mod is barely 10-20% done in my eyes.”

What Elder Scrolls is the mod based off?
“At this time the mod will be based off of all the Elder Scrolls I decided being the newest one and a very main stream title Skyrim would be the first step in the mod.”

Will you be adding all the Factions, Races, and or gear and monsters into the mod?
“Yes many of these are already in-game and working. Ill have more to show over time don’t want to blow everything in one big bang.”

Will everything in Skyrim be added including the DLCs that came at a later date?
“Yes the Skyrim DLC items, Monsters and areas will be added as major Updates for the mod. Don’t expect any of the DLC stuff till the base Skyrim stuff is done in the mod.”

Some Models and stuff may be outdated and need reworking due to how long I have been in development with this mod.


Some Photos are Rendered in Qubicle 3.1.2 while others are In-game Renderings

Click here to view Pictures. Be advised you will see Items, Models, Gear and more! Spoilers ahead!

Sneak Peak at some of the Iron Gear In-game! (Pictures Last Updated) 8/19/2018

Sneak Peak at some of the Iron Gear In-game! (Pictures Last Updated) 8/19/2018

Iron Warhammer

Iron Warhammer


Iron Greatsword

Iron Greatsword


Iron Greataxe

Iron Greataxe


Iron Sword

Iron Sword


Iron Axe

Iron Axe


Iron Shield

Iron Shield


Sneak Peak at some Stormcloak stuff (Pictures Last Updated) 8/6/2018

**Sneak Peak at some Stormcloak stuff (Pictures Last Updated) 8/6/2018**

Stormcloak Banner

Stormcloak Banner

Stormcloak Officer

Stormcloak Officer


Stromcloak 1

Stormcloak 2

Stormcloak Archer

Stormcloak Archer

Stormcloaks fighting Imperials

Stormcloak Fighting Imperials

One of the Many variations of Generated Encampments and Forts

Stormcloak Fort Picture 1

Stormcloak Fort Picture 2

Stormcloak Fort Picture 3



Been teasing the idea myself for a while now… but never got started :joy:
Guess it is time to scrap these plans - looking forward to play! I love TES :heart:


Oh I’m so sorry If you like I would love to maybe have somebody on board with me. I have put hundreds of hours of doing this solo and it gets lonely!


Well, I currently have my hands full already (pretty much why I never started) :merry: but maybe at some point, who knows ^^

And no need to be sorry! It’s a free world :jubilant: plenty of other awesome universes to explore still :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if you ever don’t have your hands full and would like to join in. I’d love to have you man doing such massive RPG is such a strain running solo with having to meet guide lines of both a beloved game and the art style of stonehearth. Almost 400 of those hours of me working on this mod have just been from Voxel Modeling alone. Let alone I barely have touched the balancing of the mod, that will be a year of work. If not when ever this does come to light since I been working on it for so long hopefully you enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got nothing more to say than: cool! *doesn’t want the amount of hours he has put into modding by now :’) *


Hey thanks! I’m just trying to help Bethesda with their end game goal Skyrim everywhere.


fitting with the bethesda mindset: “modders wil fix it”


Updated Thread.
~Added a Sneak Peak of the Iron Shield!


This is so sick! I love TES and this could be a perfect match


Thanks! I still have a lot to show from all the different armor variations, races, monsters and more so stay up to date with the thread!


Updated Thread.
~Added a Sneak Peak of the Iron Greatsword!


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~Added a Sneak Peak of the Iron Warhammer!


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I will be truly impressed if you manage to pull off flying dragons! If you get that to work it would be worthwhile separating it off as a standalone mod.


Nice, as a fellow Skyrim lover, I welcome this mod. Now i await for other tier weapons…


Yeah Dragons are very Important to what Skyrim is and will be one of the biggest hurdles in the mod. All the Custom animations, the way they will work and of course the model in voxel format. I have put a lot work into these bad boys and I still have much more to do with them! I’m still not on final model on qubicle "At the moment it looks more like a Dragon and Skyrim Dragons look more like “Wyvern” which holds up on final animations. I’ll have more to share about the Gameplay, Modeling and Animations of the Dragons in the future stay tuned!


Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope everyone will grow to enjoy what I have created. Other Gear tiers are coming in the Picture Updates Daily. Trust me many of these are already done in-game. :slight_smile: Make sure to check back everyday as a new picture is added daily!


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~Added in Upcoming Announcements! These are images of a Blackish Model with a “?” Can you Imagine what it may be!


Updated Thread.
~Added Pictures of Iron Great Axe and Iron Sword

Iron Sword


Iron Greataxe