Bringing the Elder Scrolls to Stonehearth (Mod)


It’s been awhile since I have done a update, development is in full motion more than ever. I’m going to be trying something different with the pictures instead of just showing things off, Ill allow you guys to do that in-game when it’s done. These pictures will be staged for you to find understand what’s going on in them. Keep in mind just cause something is happening in the picture doesn’t mean it will happen in the playable mod these are staged photo’s. Enjoy the secrets!


Wanted to make a post If anyone is interested. I’ll be looking for a few more players to Beta test the Mod. It’s pretty massive overhaul to Stonehearth so working full time on the mod and focusing on balancing and such is very much for me. If anyone one is interested please reply to me, I have 2-3 Testers at the moment who are waiting to get their hands on the first playable version and I’m sure many more will help out if anyone is interested!

Being accepted as a Tester will give you first access to playing the mod before Public release “This is a Unstable Version that will have many features missing and things being worked on”. You will also get first access to Unstable updates before the Public. You have a hand in shaping the mod, and as a thank you to all my testers you will have easter egg encounter made for them.


Qiilaan Us Dilon! They say this means “Bow before Dead!” Will your hearthlings bow before what is to come?


ok, that right there, is a reason to build walls XD