Bea small changes (v102)


I decided to regroup many little teacks inside a single mod. Most of them are cosmetic, let’s say it’s a polish on some little nasty details that bother me.

All credits to Tom from Team Radiant because this mod will only focus on fixing or enhancing the original game at graphical level.

What you will find:

  • Lots of fixes on item’s images, most are the addition of the missing 6px semi transparent border and a few needed some more work:

  • Fix for this thread

  • Added an iconic version of the fine comfy bed:

  • New slighty bigger oven fully functional (for some reasons I find the default one to be really too small compared to other workbenches:

  • New Spoon Craft button to fit the design of other buttons (voxel models):

  • Added the missing drop shadows to all craft buttons (just like the carpenter’s one).

  • A slighly modified version of the poyo’s food on ground:

  • A small change to the hungry thought pict as you may see in the above pict (still I’m not that happy with it…).

  • A different forge model more SH-ish (see this thread for details).

  • 3 cosmetic changes for the crafters button, the blacksmith menu button and the cook menu button:

And I think that’s all.

If you want to test this little mod, you can download it in the version history section just below.

If something don’t work as expected, please kick me. :cold_sweat:

Have fun! :blush:

PS, special Tx to @Wiese2007 for his help with the forge and some other good tips.

Version history:

Stonehearth Mod List
[Res] Not a bug, a detail : misplaced voxel on the comfy bed
Some graphical tweaks

huhu little kick :joy: there is an unnecessary hungry folder and if you want you can also pack it and make a smod file ^^ but it works all - i have test it for you in my minigame ^^ (219.2 KB)


Nice tweaks! I always look forward to your work, @Beatrice :smiley:


Looking good @Beatrice!

I think the reason why the hungry thought looks a little off is it needs a slightly darker colour for the knife blade, so that the knife ‘pops’ a bit more :smile:


@capotzalco, I don’t feel this fork and knife design, don’t know why… Tried a border to make it more ST-ish but that is not ideal…
I guess it will be a reason to do a version 102 next to some more tweacks in a not to far future… :wink:

@Wiese2007, yes a smod inside a zip was my original plan but then I tought people would eventually want to dig… Arrghh the hungry dir, forgot to trash it! Too bad… :sleepy:


you could always go back to the good ol’ drumstick thought bubble…


Unfortunately I trashed not so long ago all my old SH versions so I’m unable to retrieve it… :confused:


if you want i can send you one, i still have the A11 files


WIth pleasure! If nothing better comes, it could return to a 102 version…


upppss sry @8BitCrab i was to fast ^^


lol, i had literally just sent the PM :laughing:

Mods that should be added to Stonehearth as Standards

You guys are crazy! :wink: Tx to both!


I already have a few small bits to add for the next version. For now:

  • A fix for a painting glitch on the large_crate, (spotted by @Wiese2007),
  • Return of previous Hungry_thought (to me it works better)
  • Another change for the backmisth menu icon and the crafters button to match the open workshop button
  • The spoon icon corresponding to the new button (appear next to the job of the hearhtling when selected)

I won’t do a new pack right away, I’ll wait to have a few more things to do so.

If you spot some tiny almost impossible to see things to fix, I’ll be happy to have a look!

  • outline on the vault picture

  • Added some drama to the vault model :

  • added borders to all potter’s new stuff (6 objetcs)
  • added drop shadow to the knife.png (potter skin craft button)
  • changed the potter_cutter.png to the actual cutter model (was a placeholder from mason)
  • added borders to clay and cactus_flower

I’ll wait next dev’s release to post v102 because in 2650 the potter is just half implemented.


Stephanie fixed that in last nights stream :wink:


Damned, could not watch it yet!! Tx 8Bit. I’ll have a look as soon as possible.


Is it just me, or do poyos thinking about drumsticks feel slightly sinister?


Indeed, ideally each cattle should think about its own food. Anyway right now I prefer the old icon anyway.

  • Added borders to the new wide and tall windows pngs
  • Changed the base wooden_windows_frame png to match the new ones

Version 102 including all changes since 101 : (290.0 KB)