Bea small changes (v102)


I think that these changes should be added to the original game :smile:


Well at least the fix for the comfy bed model was added in 472! So for v103 :

  • Removing the fix for the comfy bed.

  • Added 33 borders + isometric fixes in some cases (Rayya’s items)


Did you take a look at the PraiseDB?


Just for Mentioning: I still love your changes :smiley:


Is there a Install instruction for this?
It makes different folders that are all invalid in game, would be great!



Hello, lil bit confused here, i do download for this mod but its not .smod file when i extract it, theres a lot of files. where do i should paste the files? to the mod files on stonehearth directory?


Since it’s a .zip, you’d probably just have to rename that to an .smod instead of extracting, and drop that in your mods folder. That said, it’s been more than a year since there was an update for this, so it’s probably outdated anyway.


This mod mostly overrode images and models, so it might even work if the paths haven’t changed. But the hungry toast will give problems (if not now, soon), so it is effectively outdated. Probably the manifest version makes it outdated already. :thinking:


Merci, ce mod est vraiment cool :slight_smile: