Bandit Clan [Faction]

A bit like beaten copper, but a bit darker.

He is supposed to be a very powerful, well off bandit, so he would be able to afford good armor and upkeep it. But I get what you mean. Don’t worry though, in a battle, he’ll be easily identifiable beside his underlings The red is still there to help identify him as well.

I’m working on a cart, because the more mobile groups would need some way to move their loot. It feels like it is missing something but I really can’t put my finger on it.

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I think the sides are too low… it looks a little like those red wagons little kids used to have instead of a cart for bandits. The wheels are also probably a bit on the small side. Or maybe I’m missing the size in relation to one of the bandits…

I do really like the little extra touches though, like the metal studs.

Maybe… The little bench where the driver sits when there are horses infront of it?

Driver would be on the animal pulling the cart.

It won’t be a horse. I’m trying to make something unique.

I would give a size relation, but the cart has three times less voxels than the bandits themselves.

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I know Tom does not like circles, but it is hard to imagine how the square wheels would look like when they are animated.

If I remember right you might find some carts already in the forum… just to see how others interpret them. Tobias has for sure one in his Norse-theme. I have also tried to imagine how a cart could look like and this was the outcome:


Just uploaded the .qmo-file of the cart.


It’s a moomoo! :heart_eyes:

Edit: The cart’s nice too.


for glass and whatnot, just put an outline of glass and then make the rest air that way it looks like very clear glass.

first of all great models.

Now I am loving the dark red you put on some of them and I know that you were liking the sort of dusty clothes you originally gave them.So i was thinking that the red could be for the higher up tiers.Just a suggestion.I also love the tower and cart but I feel it is hard to really give feedback on them with out a size comparison. Also when the beta comes out I would love to help you make this a mod as I have been coding for a couple of years(I am 14 by the way) and I would love to put my skills to the test:).

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I think they’d work fine if I just cut off the corners.
Also, that cart does look very nice, but it has too many voxels IMHO to fit the game’s style. But, then again, I am not an art connoisseur.

Also, @bollinger41463, I would love to have a coder on my side. However, I can’t even think about recruiting one until the beta is popped out, and I see how their tools work.

Eh… not sure. Its a good idea, but… I just tried that in Qubicle. Doesn’t look right.

yeah no problem,a lot will be revealed closer to the time but for now it is amazing modelers like you who have their time to shine:).

yes, unfortunately at this point all the lua code monkeys can do is wait patiently until we have some sample scripts to dissect…

sigh this is true…:frowning:

Introducing a pack animal for the bandits I cooked up. I think its interesting and fairly unique, even if the modelling isn’t 100% amazing. I really want some hard critique on these, I want them to be as interesting and well-made as possible.

Please welcome, the Stipan (st-eye-pen)

And here’s a pack Stipan and a decorated Stipan that someone may be able to ride on.

Okay, again, I cannot do a size comparison, because they use less voxels than a normal human. They will, however, be 2-3x bigger than a human.

The stipan are a breed of slow, lumbering beasts that roam deserts and dry plains. They have a massive shell that covers the majority of their body, somewhat like a turtle, though they cannot pull themselves into it. Their skin is thick and rough, and makes strong leather. The shell itself is extremely durable, but is very difficult to use in crafting, because after it is removed from the (most likely) dead stipan, it grows very brittle very quickly.

Various bandit clans use them because they eat and drink little, can hold large amounts of loot and gear even when not hauling a cart, and can actually be used as cover from arrows should a fight break out, due to their enormous shell and thick skin.

They mostly travel in very small herds (10-20 stipan), and are herbivores. They use their large tusks to dig into the soil in search of roots and moist soil.


I think they look pretty good so far; some suggestions I have are that the feet are kind of flat? Maybe make the bottom of the feet slightly wider; flat is good but sometimes too flat looks weird? If that makes any sense. Also the saddle should probably have the front and back curved up a little; otherwise it might be a bit hard to ride them sliding forwards and back all over. :smiley: If that is a saddle on the decorated one?

Also just an FYI you can use the Stretch function in Qubicle for a quick size comparison; if you’re stretching larger for the most part you’ll get the same look that you would with it being larger in game. It’s only when you stretch smaller that stuff really starts to go bonkers. :smiley: Haha.

great work again,I think these could fit really nicely into the game,while I am not a pro when it comes to qubicle I feel that the one that needs the most work is the natural one with out “clothes”.He is just missing something and seems sort of dull.Like remember how in one stream tom said that having too much of 1 color in just a plain flat surface is what he tries to avoid.Well that is just what I was thinking,maybe doing something with the top or side of the shell would be my advice.

Oh, okay. It does work, thanks!

Here your darn size comparison:

Also, Bollinger and Grim, I’ll do what you’ve suggested when I get home from work.


Its pretty cool, but the Stipan looks a bit too much like a turtle and doesn’t look like it can pull anything with its short legs.

I like the direction of your Stipan (incl. length of the legs :wink:). Reminds me a bit of a Bantha. However, I am a bit confused if this black dots are eyes or nostrils… sorry.

love it! look like an heavy strong creature. now the they just need fast riding animals that would help them catch their prey (like the wolves for the goblins).