Bandit Clan [Faction]

Hey there, I’m Rosey. I’ve been having a lot of fun fooling around in Qubicle, and I started making bandit models. I really like bandits, I don’t know why, but I’ve always found their concept interesting. They can be of varying alignments, like heroic mercs who overthrow their evil lords, or dirty rogues who scour the hillside, tearing apart villages and caravans alike to steal loot and make their own fortunes.

So, I decided to start making a bandit clan. I have quite a few models done, a ton of weapons, a few WIP buildings, and a few of the fighting classes modeled. I present you their upgrade tree for their combat units.

As you might be able to see, I went for a more of a chaotic group of bandits. Raiders, slavers, thieves, etc. just out for personal gain. However, I am kind of stumped for new names and ideas for the next few classes, so I’m really looking for ideas more than anything. I was thinking of a saboteur, a crossbowman, etc.

Anyways, what do you all think, and what ideas can you throw my way? I’m looking for critique, not blind compliments. Be honest about what you think and what you think I could change to make them better.


Compilation of Posted Pictures:

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first and foremost, some blind compliments… fantastic work! love the subtle variations in the models… :+1:

some minor critiques… you might introduce a small amount of color (outside the grays and browns) to help further distinguish the progression levels … i realize they are likely to be stealth based units, but who says you cant be fashionable as well as cold blooded? :smile:

also, the slaver path might be a difficult sell for some folks, and he really doesnt seem to fit in the same bucket with the raider or footpad to be honest… what about something like “ruffian” or “thug”, although those may be more inline with the cutthroat…

either way, i love all the work you have put into this, and cant wait to see your building and weapon mockups as well…

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I think it would be awsome if they had like tents insted of buildings :smile:
Fits the slaver/raider idea.
But again its called bandit so if thats what you are going for, it might not fit :blush:

@RoseyNineOneOne Nice work love the maurauder (hes my favourite) my only critique is that maybe it would make more sense for instead of labourer there was a slave especially since you have a slaver class

Wow, this is going on my download list haha!
But could you answer this, how are you going to work with the laborers? Like a carpenter? Is he just a carpenter? Like in the original game?

keep up the good work

I don’t know if i agree with you @SteveAdamo. The Slaver might be completely appropriate for this mod. If the laborer’s are slaves. The Laborer kind of looks like a slave. The slaver could be the mechanism to expand your population. Promoting a slave to higher classes is still keeping them in slavery but with higher status, sort of like the Gladiators of Rome.

Nice work @RoseyNineOneOne, Some suggestions on new classes for your fighters: Infiltrator, Saboteur, and Assassin as a separate line off of the Laborer. Another line (non combat) Foreman, and Enforcer These guys would be line that let you get more out of your slaves, open larger building projects, mines, etc. There are allot of interesting possibilities for this mod and I’ve only been thinking about it for 5 min.

Edit: @Newf I didn’t see your comment there. You know what they say, great minds think alike :smile:


@2_Zons Except your mind is the more badass and detailed 2.0 version of mine

great looking bandits. They also fit really well into the game as they have the same simple design.

I just now realised (Im so stupid and it takes me time to realise things-Dont judge me!) that these bandits look more like people you would find in a desert rather than a bunch of guys that would leap out from the trees and rob you in the middle of a forest. For instance if I was playing mount & blade: warband i would expect to see these guys in the sarranid sultanate rather than the kingdom of swadia

@2_Zons Maybe instead of enforcer it should be overseer and he would whip the slaves to make them work harder/faster

Alright, you have a lot of good points, and thanks for the blind compliments :stuck_out_tongue:

1.) I completely get what you mean. I tried a few different things, but it is difficult to try and make them more colorful and not look like idiots. But I’m going to keep trying. I hate the crappy diarrhea color scheme of all these shooters and such lately, so yeah, I see what you mean.

2.) Mhm, I see what you mean too. I first had a thought that most of them would be slaves, but then… if most of them are slaves, then how the hell could any amount of enforcers or taskmasters keep them in line, especially if said slaves are armed?

I’ll see about renaming and repurposing him.

3.) Still working on the buildings, they look ugly as hell right now, not gunna show 'em just yet. I will give you a small compilation of some of the weapons I have done so far in a minute.

A separate line for more stealth-like classes is a good idea, I think I’ll do that. I would say the foreman and enforcers could be used somehow, even if I make sure the main lines of units are not slaves. I could do something like making a separate tree for slaves, and the enforcers and some sort of taskmaster could run some sort of ‘slave trade workshop,’ if that makes sense. These would mostly be workers, I’d say, and I wouldn’t think too many from this line would be combat oriented.

Edit: Here’s a few of the weapons I’ve cooked up. I personally like the greatsword and the warhammer the most.

I have many more planned, but these are just some of the basics.


This is an awesome idea! I like the idea for the slaver as a means of expanding population by capturing other settlers. Perhaps the other military unit, next to the marauder, could be a mercenary or maybe something stemming from the slaver (Slave Driver, Man Hunter etc.) Also how about terms like Pirate or Brigand? Just some ideas.

@Roseynineoneone @SteveAdamo In game of thrones there is a mercenary called the prince of rags, I would imagine him to be a quite colourful fella with a multicoloured cape made from rags of different clothing, Maybe this could help you with your colour problem as I mention before they need more colour because right now they look like they belong more in a desert than in a forest

Yeah. I actually, to be honest, designed them to be more desert-oriented. I dunno why, I have just always liked desert themed things. But yes, I will be putting more color into their dusty clothing, most especially the red symbols seen on the shields.

Also, I love the Game of Thrones books. Not so much the show though.

EDIT: Tried my hand at coloring them up again, and in my opinion looks nice. This is the marauder with some of his clan colors (dark reds).

Thoughts? Criticisms?


i think the color is very subtle, but makes the individual pieces really stand out… looks much better in my opinion… :smiley:

Typically I like to shell out my opinions to help out on this kind of stuff, but to be honest I like it as is. It just works. I’m kind of curious as to what kind of magi the bandits would have. Would be interesting to see a shifty spin on a mage.

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I thought I’d take a moment to describe each fighting class.

Laborer: The most basic bandit unit. This acts as their average worker. They do basic tasks from hauling, simple construction, etc. They could easily be compared to basic villagers from the default kingdoms.

Cutthroat: An extremely weak fighting unit. They are completely unarmored and only have a simple dagger. In a group they might even pose a threat, but alone, they are just pests to any well trained soldiers.

Thief: These poorly trained and under equipped archers have a shortbow and almost no armor. They don’t even have a melee weapon, so if anyone gets into range, they are toast. Which isn’t difficult to do, because of their poor training and shoddy bows give them fairly short range.

Bowman: This archer has actually received some decent training, and can take out enemies from such a longer range. They have a dagger for some basic defense if someone gets close, and some rusted armor. They also have a longbow instead of the shaddy shortbow that the thief uses.

Raider: This warrior is a good upgrade from the cutthroat. He has some decent armor, though it is rusty. He uses a cleaver-like blade that is good for hacking through enemy lines. Raider’s are good vs. other enemy infantry, but are very weak to archers.

Footpad: These warriors are lightly armored, but carry a shield to try and make up for that. They also wield a small warhammer. Their lack of strong armor makes them somewhat easier to take down than raiders in close combat, but they are still capable of being a strong front line soldier, and their shield gives them a large amount of protection from archers.

Slaver: (Name Subject to Change) The slaver uses a long spear and lacks any form of armor. They are very good at defending a choke point, starting a battle with a charge, or defending against cavalry, but they go down quite quickly in sustained combat.

Marauder: This soldier is fairly well armed and armored. He has a well-used sword, has plenty of armor, albeit rusted, and has a shield. They have a small tower-sheild which offers great protection from archers, and they can do well in sustained combat. However, they do move fairly slowly, their shields and armor being quite heavy.

That’s all for now. I’m gunna go through and finish coloring up the guys I have now, and begin modeling some new guys.


Can’t wait to see what you plan!

Alrighty, here’s a compilation of the guys with some color in their cheeks! … errh… scarves and gloves.


Here you go:

The guy to the left of the laborer (bottom right) is a scavenger. He takes any items he can find and crafts/repurposes them for new uses.