Arquebusiers (Class)

Arquebusiers are ranged combat units. To create them, give a settler an arquebus. Arquebuses are primitive firearms used for mid-range combat. They are expensive to create, with arquebuses using large amounts of iron, along with advanced firing mechanisms. They are also expensive to use, with gunpowder requiring sulfur (found in ore near volcanic regions), charcoal (produced from wood, charcoal is also very good for use as fuel, as it is more energy dense than an equivalent amount of firewood), and nitre (found in ore near arid regions). They also require a gunsmith to manufacture. Gunsmiths are specialized blacksmiths dedicated to producing firearms and its respective ammunition.

Arquebusiers don’t benefit as much from experience than Archers do, but also don’t need as much skill to operate effectively as Archers do. This allows you to quickly create a militia of unskilled infantry so long as you have the industrial power to supply guns and ammunition.

Arquebusiers have greater damage potential than Archers. They, however, reload slowly (not to mention can’t move while reloading) and have poor accuracy at long ranges, which gives them poor damage application. Melee units slaughter them at close range and Archery units slaughter them at long range. At medium range, however, they are deadly. They also have high armor penetration, which makes them a formidable adversary for sluggish armored units. Arquebusiers themselves have little armor, which makes them more vulnerable to arrows and bolts as well as unarmed melee and knives.

Pistols - Small firearms. They have the worst range of any ranged weapon, and reload almost as slowly as arquebuses (and also less damage and penetration). They are, however, useful sidearms to use when cornered, and useful primary weapons for the insane or insanely skilled.

Rotary Musket - Large, slow, defensive installations. There are two ways to move them: repackage them and move them with any ordinary unit (unpacking them takes a lot of time, use for long distances or in rough terrain), or have the gunner wheel them around (movement is slow, but no unpacking is necessary, use for short distances or in hostile territory). Rotary Muskets are essentially like arquebuses mounted on a wagon, but with better damage and accuracy. They have three barrels, which allow them to fire three times before reloading. This also, however, means they must reload three times afterwards. Only units that have experience with firearms can use the Rotary Musket.


If I surrounded a titan in about a dozen of these guys, I feel like he wouldn’t stand a chance.

For that to be true, the Titan would have to be extremely slow and have no ranged attack, since you can’t reload while moving and arquebuses have atrocious optimal range.

one of the most well thought out and presented “here’s my idea” thread’s i’ve read in quite some time… honestly… not an unending wall of text, and yet you provided a very detailed suggestion for a new unit with specialized class and resource requirements…

sorry to gush, but that was very nicely done… you earned a :+1:

edit: oh, and i like the suggestion as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to already post “Oh don’t put guns in my ‘medieval’ imagining of a game”

But now that I read your opinion, that seems like a really great idea!

Don’t put a weapon like that in the basic game,
put it in a module!

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Yep, if guns were going to be in the base game something along those lines seems excellent, strikes the right sort of balance that an early firearm should have. Another possible source of nitre would also be animal manure!


Why? Firearms were first invented in the late middle ages.

Laaate middle ages,
and think about the modules,
just do what you whant whith the modules!
Than you can make eerything sooo much cooler!

Do you know when magic was invented during the middle ages?



Magic is something typical in rp games,
and for me,
magic is so much cooler then guns.


Do you know when physicians that actually did their job correctly emerged during the middle ages?


And yet, that’s a confirmed class.

And the things engineers can build are far wackier than arquebuses… they also make gunpowder.

(Wow you’re fast)


Magic existed prior to the middle ages.

Physician’s did it correctly during the middle ages.

Engineers and Doctors are typical role-playing elements?

Show me three games where they both exist.

I think he meant magic was a typical role-playing element.

Physicians believed in humorism, a defunct theory that often times ending up killing their patients or being completely ineffective. They did do some things right, but in the end, going to the doctor was almost as bad as not.

No, he already said that about magic. He was definitely talking about doctors and engineers.

Dungeons and dragons.