Is there any possibility of muskets?

One of the stretch goals is the engineer and in the description of him it mentions plack powder so do you think there is any chance of muskets?

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I’m sure someone will mod in a musket or other blackpowder weapon within 60 minutes of the Beta being released. :smile:



@Lum Well, there are going to be pirates in the game and there is going to be a naval game eventually. So I would say that there is a solid chance for having cannons and firearms in the game at some point… I hope, I hope. :wink:

im ashamed to admit, but that particular detail completely escaped me!

“Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder.”

stands to reason that powder can be put to use in firearms… :slight_smile:

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Does this mean we can blow up walls Helm’s Deep style? Let’s hope they get awesome physics too!

Or the black powder is used to dye clothes black. =P

but engineers make for horrible tailors… always adding release valves in all the wrong places…




HAHA I hope there will be musckets and not just cannons. In some games they just add cannons and not firearms which makes me deppresed.

That’s because it’s easier to make a cannon than a musket. Cannons can be as big as you need to get you the energy to fire your projectile X distance while a musket has to be light enough to be picked up.

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That is very true but I think it will be realy fun to have musckets:). I suppose all I can do is cross my litle fingers and hope.

@Kudro There are duel wielding crossbows as depicted in on of the dev screen captures. So, why not firearms? :wink:

I’m one of those people who hates seeing more modern weaponry like firearms in fantasy games. The developers mentioned D&D in their Kickstarter video, so hopefully they feel the same as me.

I think the more modern weaponry such as rifles take away from the high fantasy aspect the game seems to be depicting so far. Of course that’s just my opinion though.


I’m not saying it won’t exist although I hope it doesn’t. I’m just pointing out that there is a pretty big gap as far as a technological stand point between cannons and hand held firearms. Also, crossbows pre-date the hell out of muskets. Modding a musket into the game would be almost as easy as reskinning a crossbow, that plus a stats/materials tweak and you’re golden.
I personally don’t like firearms mixed into my fantasy but at the same time I would like my fortress to rank quite highly on the pvp city boards and so I won’t avoid them if they would be advantageous to that end. I’m more the trebuchet/ballista type when given the choice.


As long as bows aren’t made redundant, you can have whatever the hell you like!

But there is that worry that having weapons such as muskets and the like would render the traditional swords, axes, bows, a bit redundant - I would personally hope it sticks with the fantasy feel.


If guns made swords obsolete, I’d mod them out. If muskets are given a realistic reload time, they certainly won’t edge out swords. Literally talking about a minute+ reload time which would probably be interruptible like other attacks. Sick a few swordsmen using daggers or some other fast blade and they should be kept at bay pretty well :slight_smile: I want to go kind of magic heavy and really want to test a titan killer strat I’ve been thinking of, give the AI a run for it’s money.

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I think hand cannons would be better in this role than muskets. Seeing as musket-armed militaries changed how war was fought (making swords basically obsolete as everyone now has a ranged weapon and a spear). Similar to AoE 2 they should be economically, labor, and technologically expensive to balance them. In addition to a reasonably long reload time (which, besides accuracy was the fault of early firearms).

Not with early muskets. If they had bayonets at all then these were fixed by sticking them right into the barrel. So no reloading or firing.

Yes, it took a few centuries for guns to fully displace pure melee weapons; the whole pike and shot era (late 15th to early 18th centuries) was fought by armies that had both guns and melee weapons, though the ratio of guns increased as the period went on.

The real issue with balancing guns is people want the cool ‘pew pew’ factor and not deal with all of the issues that made early guns problematic (rampant misfires being the most obvious) and required them to be used en-mass for the best effect.


I really like musket like weapons which shoot arrow type bullets, keeps kind of the medieval idea there, and harpoon cannons :slight_smile: for ships eventually

I really hope muskets don’t get added. I don’t want any kind of gunpowder weapons except for maybe bombs or cannons. I like good old swords and bows.