New to modding, Need help with code and animation tips

Hi a friend and I are trying to make a Musket and Cannon mod but we have run into the issue of not being able to understand Lua and the source code, if anyone could help us it would be great.

we were trying to base the musket on the bow code and the cannon on the turnip shooter, We have completed the models. We ask you for any help that we can get, thanks.

Cannon - based on Parrott Gun in fort configuration.


Musket Model - based on African hunting model during the 1700ā€™s.


Have you looked at some example mods?
Do you know how to make the barebones of a mod?

And what software is that? The models must be exported as *.qb file format to be readable by the game. Is that an option in that software?

I have been doing the modeling end of the mod, from what I understand my friend was trying to reconfigure the base game code to fit the musket and cannon from preexisting things (ex the bow). The software exports to .qb its qubicle btw sorry should have listed it above.

You guys can start here

Iā€™m not sure if it is updated but it is a good start.

Alright thanks much appreciated