Animators? Rise up?

Been working on a full conversion mod for about a month, getting close to the home stretch. One thing that would bring the mod up to another level would be animations.

I have added guns to the game, well, one gun. Its a one handed pistol. It just uses the archers code and fires a bullet instead of an arrow, but also uses the archer_1h_shoot effect/animation, so it looks a little silly and sounds even sillier. What should be a heavy duty gun sound is a cutesy arrow firing.

If anyone has any advice please do share, I was looking around to see if anyone had already made one and am currently struggling to find anything. I tried doing animations myself using the blender addon, overcame a couple of outdated python errors (rU), and still couldn’t get it to work. Wish I could just pay someone else to do it. There are no up-to-date tutorials, it seems.

I know this doesn’t describe my issue in detail, I guess I’m just asking to see if there are any workarounds I could put to use. Something easier than blender if its possible, etc. I’ll probably end up having to come back here and just stare at tutorials for hours on end 'til something clicks.

Would also be pretty reassuring to know that there’s people around here that are still active!

I am not an animator, and can’t assist with your questions about that.
But, I would suggest you to check out the ACE discord server and maybe ask some questions or look for information there.

There is a lot more activity in the discord server than in these forums.
I hope you find something that will help you!

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Had no idea this existed! Thank you.

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Try the discord channel (there is a link in this forum), Im sure youll get at least some help, there is more activity there than here going on. Wish you luck.

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Any time and best of luck!
I hope you find some guidance, assistance, or whatever you may need. Lots of knowledgeable people are active there!

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