Archers and rideable horses

dont you guys think this would be awesome to add this possibility

hey there @lemoencake, welcome to the discourse :smile:

you’ll be glad to know that archers are actually a planned class :slightly_smiling:

not sure about horses though.

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With the idea about avoiding standrad livestock and such it will probably not be horses :slightly_smiling:

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On the other hand, on one of the last streams there was a glimpse of planned features…
Ssssshh! :speak_no_evil:

one of them was a Knight, soo…

But Tom said, we should pretend that we haven’t seen that list…
So I’m totally not knowing what was listed there.

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Exactly. Just like I totally didn’t take a screenshot while watching :wink:!

Archers are also located in the root folder mods in the professions

Yeah, but archers have been anounced fo a while now, so that wasn’t really worth mentioning to me…
Even though I have been looking forward to them since the kickstarter :wink:

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