Agon's pile of voxels

Sooo… Qublicle was fun. :smile:

Meet my mammoth guy.
The idea is that if your beastmaster learns magic, or you find an old spell on a mission, then you can turn mammoths into mammoth people that will live in your town as any other really, really big person. They eat at least three times as much as a human (though only vegetables), and equipment costs more resources to make. The god thing is that they are strong. They can carry three things at ones. One in each hand and one with the trunk. They can’t climb scaffoldings but they can build as high as them selves on their own. And you want them on your side in a fight.

Oh, and if wool is a resource then mammoth fur should be so as well.

I was going to suggest the “old spell from long dead beastmaster mage” approach as an explanation to the bunny faction, but it seems like the developers have decided on some lore for that now.

Anyway, comments, critics and suggestions are welcome. :smile:


i like him! he looks hulking… sort of all brawn, no brains… would be an excellent unit to aid on security details, or loading metric tons of stone and wood… :stuck_out_tongue:

if i had to critique, you might add some coloration to his upper thigh region?


He actually has a 2*2 bright spot on his upper thigh, similar to the original, but the hands cover most of it. I agree though. He could use more color variation.
I’m thinking of shaving the upper body so that it gets thinner and has the same colors as the trunk. Would add variation and armor and other equipment would fit better. Also: haircuts. :slight_smile:

He reminds me of Machoke for some reason …

Anyway, I think it’s a great idea! We know that the Geomancer is gonna be able to create stone golems that help with construction and hauling, so this could be pretty cool - or maybe rather than turning the mammoth into a mammoth man, the mammoth could be a portable stockpile for certain items!

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Strapping a structure onto a regular mammoth’s back that works as a stockpile and/or defence for archers. I like that! :slight_smile:

After a bit of shaving. Changed the shading a little as well.

@SteveAdamo did it help?
I’m considering adding some shading to the chest, but then I should do the same to the head and I would like the head to stay the same as the original, so I’m hoping the in game shading will help me out there.


muuuch better… the shading on his back makes it look almost as though he has plating, or skin thick enough to deter a weapon… looks great!

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