We have a Mammoth?

So I was just looking around for models to reskin, and I saw under pets we have Mammoth. It’s big, it’s awesome, it’s, well a mammoth. Is this a future implementation or did I just bring up a forgotten animal? Because I might want a Mammoth soon. Jus sayin…

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Might want to check this out:

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as far as i know its a special thing for Kickstarter Supporters, im still trying to get it into my game to xD

ok, just wondering, not planning to use it anytime soon, it just, we have a Mammoth, cool

The mammoth was a pet that was promised as a kickstarter reward so I guess unless you bought that kickstarter package you will never get access to it.


Aren’t you supposed to have A Beer, an American Eagle and a US Flag with you at all times?

Thats correct the same is with the Cat and the Dog xD