Kickstarter Pets Moddable?

First off I’d like to say, I’m not complaing here. I’m very happy with what I pledged and can’t wait to see this game come out, I’m just curious.

That said, I’ve been wondering, with all Tom’s talking about the powers modders will have (which again, I am very happy about) is there anything about the kickstarter exclusive pets that a modder won’t be able to replicate from day 1?

I don’t suppose there is … no … but the behaviours and everything of the kickstarter pets might be a bit harder/longer to replicate, than simply copying the design of the pets.

Perhaps there would be a hardcoded function of the pets? Although probably not …

I’m pretty helpful right?!

That’s about what I was thinking. It would be nice if there was something hardcoded about them, but with all the modding powers we’ll have, I don’t know what that something could be.

no, i cant imagine there will be anything preventing someone from just modding in their own version of the pets…

but that doesnt detract from those that pledged to have those pets… the donations at those levels are to help the developers, more so than getting access to the pets… they just help in justifying the cost… :wink:


Ya, I realize that. Like I said, I was mainly just curious.

besides, we can always have the whole hipster “we had mammoths before they were modded”

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lol, ya, we’ll have T-shirts and everything.

ooooo… marketing opportunity!! :smiley:

and we can have the baby dragons (yes I know its a whelp but baby sounds cuter) before someone modded them in, also on the dragon whelp will there be a green one to match the three different kingdoms that we will have?

Do only people that got the T-shirt kickstarter option get the T-shirt - I only got the Beta kickstarter ($ 30) because I thought we could buy the T-shirts post release, or will the T-shirts be a kickstatr only thing?

the current t-shirts will be exclusive to the kickstarter campaign… but SH will eventually have a merchandise store, with an entirely different set of shirt(s)… dont worry, you can eventually get another SH type shirt… i intend to myself… :slight_smile:

There’s not been any confirmation as to whether these will be available separately post-kickstarter. I would think not, but I dno!

Thanks, im going to wait then!

Everybody would need the same mods in order to see the same thing, so you probably wouldn’t be able to play coop with somebody who did get the pets through kickstarter and have your modded-in identical pets show up for them.

I expect most people are probably going to play mod-free for a very long time, similar to minecraft, Mods for minecraft has taken off now, but for a very long time, the vast majority of people played the vanilla game and just the vanilla game

There is a critical difference here though. Stonehearth is built for modding, minecraft didn’t (still doesn’t?) natively support mods so they started out with hacks and experimentation. By the time full release hits we should have well developed documentation and API’s to make it as easy as possible.