Mammoth Modding Fair play?

If you can’t tell by my name I’m a big fan of Mammoths. I’ve been an amateur fossil hunter and collector for a long time and a lot of pretty cool pieces in my collection. The Mammoth is one of my favorite critters to ever have walked the earth. I have some mammoth toe bones sitting right next to me on my desk.

I understand one of the kickstarter rewards was the mammoth, and I’m fine with that but I was kind of late to the Kickstarter game and ended up supporting SH later. With no way to buy into the special Mammoth perk at this time I’m kind of out of luck. I’ve been considering modding, or hiring a friend of mine who is a good modder to create a mammoth based on the kickstarter reward version… my only concern is I do not want to step on any toes.

So would this be considered a fair play? I don’t want to be THAT guy and annoy a community that I feel very privileged to be part of…

I’ve been hoping the Devs would throw out some ways to give them more money and get some of those special KS goodies but I don’t think that will be happening.

So what are your thoughts on this?

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Honestly, I think you should email Radiant to get a faster response.

I don’t think they would really mind, as they love to see the community’s creations, but I guess we can’t really speak for them. I never really understood how those KS rewards worked. Will we all get the mammoth eventually, or will only individual people get them?


It’s an interesting point. The Mammoth, Kitten and Puppy models will all be in the game files, so from a technical viewpoint, there is nothing to stop someone modding them in for everyone to access.

Will be interesting to see what they implement, or whether they can?


i think at the release there will be two downloads - the normal and the ks … at the moment there is only the qb for the mammoth - no kittens, no welps and no dragon … and i think they will implent them first at the full release ^^

but yes you have right - if someone really want to mod it the qb of the first mammoth version is still there ^^

edit: @Ignitas thanks again for your very cool troxel :smiley:
edit2. its like the planed Animals (deer, sheep, etc) in the list its done… at the moment there are only the critters but they wanted deers etc soooo perhaps they publish not all ^^

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definitely an interesting question, and im also curious to see how TR implements this for all the KS backers…

we’ve had a fair few (related) discussions in the past, and here’s a good comment from @voxel_pirate:


It is a pretty tough question with no real solution in sight. I’d feel a lot more comfortable if I could just buy into it, because even if I don’t use the existing game files to put one of the Kickstarter rewards into the game… I could just make my own from scratch and to me that seems completely legitimate.

I feel like if Radiant just offered them for sale in small expansions or on the main site they would make some good money from people who want to keep supporting them despite being able to get these things through other means.


yeah, i think it might come down to how the community at large feels about this… if having a “kickstarter exclusive” is something they don’t want others to have access to (for whatever reason)…

personally, i don’t mind at all… and if the team can generate additional funds via offering some of these exclusives, all the better… :smile:


Radiant! TAKE MY MONEY! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


i agree with steve if they can make extra money - its better ^^ so they can make longer support and perhaps the persistant world :wink: but it i think we should make an poll of the KS and ask them first … not that the community think that the idea comes from them because they need money etc. ^^ when the community agrees we can give the infos to them and they can decide if they want to make it or if this only for us KSer because we are great ^^

and here for @woollysmash oolly

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Also, one more point to make, if you don’t use Radiant’s model, then legally I doubt they could stop you from making a Mammoth mod. Of course that is the sneaky way, and we like Radiant.


Exactly. I’d rather sort the details out now before starting something which may be seen as sleazy. I’d honestly rather just throw 10 bucks at them and get a mammoth without a debate or fuss.

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So if radiant makes it so we can pay for pets as a expansion. they may be quite rich from someone buying a lot of yak pets :grinning:



I know them feels.

I suppose I was one of the lucky few to get my profile picture item featured in-game right from the start. :wink:


in some ways i feel like this is the same as the water mod that @chessmaster42 made…

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Not really though @8BitCrab . The water is a planed feature and will be available for everyone that gets the game. The KS pets are something unique that shows that you backed them back in the “old” days.

thats why i said in some ways. its like the water mod as in radiant plans on adding this and its a known feature, its not like the water mod as in not everyone is going to get this feature… make sense?

I suppose that makes sens.

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I’m wondering if thins is something we could perhaps ask during one of the streams… or maybe it is a bit too much for a stream question.

I’d say send a Email and let us know what they say. Or we could @mention one of the developers.