I'm late... so stupidly late

I discovered this game a month before today…
I was really interessted in the “INTREPID SETTLER, DIGITAL PACK” …
it is surely a stupid question after all this time but is there a way to get it or it is down ? :frowning:

This game use to be the one i wished someone would make one day… and i meet him so lately… :frowning:

If only i would discover the early kickstarter project :frowning:

Yeah me too hehe. I didn’t hear of SH until after the kickstarter completed or I would have totally contributed. Ah well. It’s good that they have some unique bonuses though. They helped get this great game off the ground. WTB time machine

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If you find one… please take me with you :frowning:

from the KS campaign page:

INTREPID SETTLER, DIGITAL PACK - All rewards from the lower tiers: beta access, beta forum access, special thanks, and the kitten. You’ll also receive a download of our DIGITAL ARTBOOK with behind-the-scenes concept art, a DIGITAL POSTER, and a REALLY CUTE PUPPY companion to keep your kitten company each time you start a game.

i know this has come up relatively recently, but as far as I recall, if you pledge for the game now, you would unfortunately only be eligible to receive access to the game (no kitten, artbook, poster or puppy) …


I understand :frowning:
That’s gonna be a regreat xD
Thx for the reply at least <3

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If you really need a puppy fix, there’s always watching the stream and catching glimpses of Patches. :wink:


For what it’s worth, since this is a single player game and very mod-friendly, I’m virtually certain that once the kitten and puppy are released, someone will package them into a mod for people to add to their games.

I suppose there’s really no way of stopping people from gaining such content through mods given the modability and the openness of the development, but there are some of us who did back at that level for the special content.

Oh, yeah, and I’m one of them. (I want my mammoth pet!) but still, it’s gonna happen.

well technically TR could prohibit people from using the puppy and kitten models that they made, so people couldnt make mods with them. but people would still be able to make their own kitten/puppy models and mod them in…

I feel your pain, wish I had known about the game sooner as well!