[A22.5] [MOD] Edge of Screen Panning Mod!

It’s finally here! The mod no one knew they needed!

This mod is really straight-forward, it adds the functionality to pan the screen in the direction of the edge that you mouse is against. This mode ended up taking me a fair bit of time to function intuitively, but I think I’ve got that pinned down, let me know what you all think!

Download Edge-of-Screen Panning Mod Now !!


This is so cool! Recommended!

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I’m impressed! This works more intuitively in 3D and with odd camera angles than I expected. The only issue I noticed is that when you have multiple monitors, since we don’t lock the cursor to the game screen, it keeps scrolling when your cursor leaves the screen where the game is running (and it should probably be disabled in windowed mode). Perhaps we should have an option to lock the cursor to the current monitor when running fullscreen, or lock it automatically unless paused. :thinking:


Was going to report this same thing. I’m at windowed mode, and trying to access other software through the windows bottom bar made the game scroll, even while not focused.

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Yeah, me too! I tried a few implementations that weren’t so fluid, but coupling it with the player camera controller seems like the smartest approach. Especially since (1) there’s never a time you’d want to edge-pan when you don’t want to pan using the keys and (2) pushing a whole new camera controller to camera service seems like unnecessary overhead. I’d love to know your opinion :slight_smile:

Also, I was pretty sure cursor locking required engine support of some kind to implement, but if you think not, I’ll definitely look into it. I’m also still programming the user setting for it, but that is coming.

As for continued scrolling, that’ll be easy to fix, so I’ll do that asap :heart:

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Thank you so much! I hope you do recommend this :grin: more improvement to come obviously

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Yeah, cursor lock should be in engine, though you might be able to hack something through Chrome, or by detecting out of bound cursor coordinates (not sure if we continue emitting events once outside the window, but we might).

@Wharp, I like the mod :+1: , feels just like the usual meta RTS games.
But I have some troubles with the mod, 1-2 cm. before the edge of my screen, it starts to pan, so I’m having trouble clicking character sheets and icons below.

Is their a way to edit this and make the screen pan only if the mouse touches the edge, not close to the edges?

Yes, I’m working on an update so that that is less of an issue. :slight_smile:


maybe if it’s possible the mod should only allow you to pan the screen if your mouse isn’t over a UI element. that would fix it completely i think.