Are there any plans to implement edge of screen scrolling?

Could someone please advise if edge of screen scrolling is planned to be implemented at some stage? After each update I try the game just to see if this has been done. I find it too annoying trying to move around without it. Haven’t played the game yet because of this. Just want to know if it is in the pipeline to be implemented? Thanks.


[Expletive], yeahhh that’d be nice. Totally forgot that was a thing. <3 for suggesting.

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Language young man. (Said the 17 year old) Please keep it family friendly!


rp_hotfix had this. You could enable side-scrolling, re-bind the keys for the camera control, set keys to scroll faster/slower and more. The mod hasn’t been updated forever though because I got the impression that nobody really used it.


Fixed, :smile:

Still, this needs to be added, I realized just how better this would make the game, it’s the little things y’know.


Oh please God implement edge scrolling already. I can’t tell you how much I dislike having to use the WASD keys in a city building style game.

@RepeatPan How do I use that mod?


You pretty much don’t. That thing was written a year ago for Alpha 2 or 3.

Sad, just sad. It’s so sorely needed (for me)