Borderless Fullscreen Mode

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, I searched but didn’t see it, but a borderless windowed mode would be fantastic.

I’ve seen the stuff about changing resolution, which is of course a must, but as a dual monitor user I find borderless mode to be very helpful when playing games and would love it if Stonehearth had the feature.

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I totally agree with you. A borderless full sceen mode would be fantastic.

And since @SteveAdamo isn’t here, I’ll be the first one to say it.


Welcome aboard, @Haegr!

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It would be very useful especially for livestreams! DO EET

It’s a very useful addition I think. And thanks EpicDwarf. I’ve followed this game since kickstarter, finally bought the early access since I was away from my PC for a few months.

It’s looking good but it’s clear there is a far way to go. I can see it being as good as I imagined though, given time.

I’m contractually obligated to be omnipresent…

I don’t recall if this has been presented as a suggestion, but know it’s been discussed… and i too approve… :+1:

Wait, so are we talking about a borderless windowed mode or a borderless fullscreen mode? Because fullscreen can be achieved, and, naturally, it’s borderless.

I approve of Borderless Window mode. :thumbsup:

Me too. I think this is a good idea.

Borderless fullscreen is when you can simply move your mouse onto another screen without tabbing out. With standard fullscreen your mouse is bound to the screen you’re using.

Implemented properly borderless windowed still binds the cursor to the screen but when you tab out the program stays active and then you can use the mouse out of the bounds.

Borderless fullscreen windowed mode, or whatever you want to call it, is merely windowed mode but adapted to the screen in a way you can’t see the window borders (which are ~30px at the top and 5px on the other sides I believe - somewhere around that). The window is not movable and allows easy tabbing in and out.

It would be great if we could launch the game in borderless window mode. And just in case there is confusion (Tom) I’m talking about the game itself. Not full screen but windowed mode with no border.

On the bright side, we learned far more about the building tool than we would have if he understood you properly.

I’ve always wondered: What’s the point of borderless windows anyways?


ahahaha… so you want to make border less windows? well, its like this… waffles on for approx 10 mins on a different subject than border less windowed mode… epic one @Tom


Basically it makes the game look like full screen so you don’t have any wonky resolutions and you are more immersed while still being able to easily alt tab or in some cases so that if you have more than one screen you can actually use it. Some games when full screen would set that second one to black or lock the mouse.


Borderless window mode is amazing. It has everything fullscreen has (utilizing your whole screen) with the features of a normal window (can be overlaid by other windows, for example log files, can easily and most importantly quickly be tabbed in/out of).

I would greatly welcome a borderless windowed mode. I would start doing videos and maybe streams in 1080p if it was added.


I’ve never actually given this much thought, but a quick search turned up

Windowed Borderless Gaming and a discussion about it at Steam Community :: Discussions

Might be worth a shot. It appears to still be actively developed.

I have a dual monitor system. So one reason I want it is so I can play full screen on one monitor while having other things on the other and being able to interact with them. If you go full screen mode (old school way of doing it) when you alt tab or click on something on your other monitor the game minimize it self. If we had borderless window mode then you would be able to play in the new way of doing full screen without having that issue.

Tom, all joking aside, your in depth explanation were great! Thanks for all the sharing.

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There are quite a few programs that can “force” applications into another display mode… But they always depend on the rendering mode and don’t always work for everyone. I have some experience with that and it ain’t pretty.


I agree with RepeatPan. You want native support for this if you want it to work correctly.