[A14] The City of Lumineux [WIP]

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a few thousand words.

An overview of the town

The monument

One of the farm areas

The gatehouse to a castle yet to be built

The town barracks

The blacksmith

The storage cave

These pictures are up to date as of 2/16/16
My newest ongoing attempt to build the “definitive Stonehearth city”.

Castle - 20%
Farms - 67%
Barracks - 100%
Storage Room - 100%
Slums/poor district - 0%
Middle-class district - 100%*
Upper-class district - 0%
Crafter’s district - 10%
City walls- 0%

*I didn’t have this district in mind at first, but the cottages that exist so far are pretty well-furnished, but at the same time they’re not filled with fine-quality items either. I have enough of them as is, but I might add more in the future.


WOW! Realy like that sword statue! Keep us op to date on whats going on with your Hearthlings


Well, I’m currently working on a 2-story building, but I’m still deciding on whether it should be an inn or a warehouse. I want to eventually recreate Diablo III’s Slaughtered Calf Inn on this save somewhere as the local inn, but to me this 2-story looks big enough to be a good inn. I remembered trying to recreate the Slaughtered Calf Inn in a previous save, but it was pretty small in comparison.

I dunno, what does the rest of the Discourse think?


Another shot of the 2-story, finished view


Town Barracks completed.

Front Shot

Side Shot

And the entire town so far


i’m so jealous of your building skills right now… awesome town so far, i look forward to seeing what other buildings you make!



If enough people want, I could upload my buildings as templates. However, the buildings are far less functional than normal buildings, since the roofs are all made of slabs. That means placing furniture after construction or monitoring Hearthlings like Big Brother is much more difficult. Another thing is that the barracks requires the Settlement Decor mod, but that mod has never broken and shouldn’t be a problem to install.


Can your Hearthlings actually build all that or have you had to ib or destroy anything?

They can build them, but it takes ~10 million ladders. The only problem is occasionally destroy some scaffolding that they don’t fully remove.

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Inn is absolutely insane, I love it! It have so much feeling in it… Great job :heart_eyes:

They build it just fine, but pretty inefficiently.

As you can see, the structure builds just fine, but they slack on the clean up work. Usually its one or two scaffolding pieces that are barely noticable, but occasionally i do have to abuse the destroy command for the leftovers, such as this one.


I know this feeling with the scaffbuilding. I have the same problem with the roof with all those slabs it is difficult to place any furniture and the build time before they have finished a building is tremendous.

It looks really amazing especially the inn, keep up the fine work :grinning:


Thank you! Your save is awesome too :smiley:
For now, I’m working on farms. I got one of two done.

Also, relocation of items into the vault cave has started. However, AI is still idle-heavy, so it may take a while before they finish. I’d like to spend some time cleaning up what i already have as opposed to develop new buildings right now. But don’t worry! Construction will resume soon enough.


How do you actually destroy 'em? The only option I was thinking about is “destroy” button from harvesting menu but it seems to be absolutely useless.

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That Town looks amazing ! You are really talented

Click on the item you want destroyed and open console command control+c, then type destroy and hit enter.


Hey there @Kasarov, gorgeous town and buildings! I am so jealous of you (and everyone else) who is able to construct such elaborate buildings and towns.

You mentioned in a few of your posts that many of your building templates require a large number of ladders, and some do not remove all the scaffolding (without some console help :wink:). If you wouldn’t mind, could you upload those templates to the thread I have linked below? If you want to detail what exactly is the issue, that would be helpful. Something like “this building requires way too many ladders”, or “they don’t remove the scaffolding on the inside” so the devs know what to look at. Instructions on how to upload templates are at the post linked.



Okie dokie, just have to get over the lazyness of uploading to Google Drive first. I’ll send them in soonish.

in the mean time my biggest problem is this

Also free internet cookies to those who catch the name references.

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You should be able to upload the templates directly. I cannot imagine that they are larger than 10 MB?

Oh. The more you know haha
alrighty then