A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1


Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but for building templates… it’d be nice if they could be sorted (revealed) for Tier, Faction, and if you have someone in that profession like the base game ones.


I have a couple of thing that bothers me alot. Ranked in the order of (bothersomeness) :smile:

  • Maybe it’s just me, but my pc specs are good and still the UI is slow. I don’t know if it’s the new weather system or what, but I have about 1-2 second delay from clicking a UI button until the UI pops up and even worse when it snows or rains.

  • When I build with slabs or roads and discover a mistake half way, I either have to undo back to when I placed the thing or redo the whole thing. Where is the delete one tile/block tool?

  • I’m experiencing a lot of times, that the enemy boss camps spawn on other plateaus than my town, which makes them unable to attack me. I just wait until I get a letter from the boss that he’s leaving again.

  • That darkened overlay when you go into building mode… You can’t see shit. Hard to lay roads cause you can’t see where the doors are. Even harder at night.

That’s about it from me. The game is getting more and more awesome by every update otherwise.


Sadly, Hearthlings with this discontinuous roof from Raya’s Children tend to have snow inside of their homes. In fact, I don’t think there should be that much snow in a desert… Maybe we could get a rather harsh temperature drop at night leaving Hearthlings uncomfortably cold but without snow instead of a snowy winter in the desert? Would be more realistic.

Otherwise you should reconsider the roof design.

Also, I have to stress this combined view of the building editor and the mining, I know someone already posted about it but it should be rather easy to do and it would REALLY improve my building experience.


Use the hole tool.


We should add this for sure, I’ll add it to the to-do when I wake up. Thanks for the tag!


This was removed back in the day due to various issues. I’ll take a look at bringing it back.

Hopefully this gets in : ). (also applies to #4)

Heh, yeah, this is a pretty large ask. I haven’t looked at it much myself though I know other people have. I think there have been updates here or there, but doing something meaningful is out of scope : /. By all means, I would love to see a mod improving it ; ).

Absolutely! But it will likely be a mod addition. As stated above somewhere, I have started adding materials with the hopes that modders can do something interesting with them. I intended to use the bug shells myself, but it never happened : /.

This is an @Allie question, but I believe the sentiment is that modders can add these if they want them. Besides, since the building wouldn’t actually be terrain then it wont update with the passage of time : /.

These were made, but were waiting for @linda to do something with them. Maybe we could release the models even if the tech doesn’t get in.

Heh, sadly we don’t have time to make or modify so many assets : /. The red items were intended to be ‘trader only’ items (that you would never get recipes for), but it wasn’t a priority.

We have this for workers, but this is a massive amount of work for all the classes. We did consider having player colors at one point, but abandoned it for various issues. It may come out as a mod sometime, but don’t hold your breath : ).

Again, this is a large amount of work. I actually am not quite sure if the code supports this directly, but I’m sure it could.

I agree, sadly its just a time issue : /. I’m sure modders will cover down on this one - there are many modding packs already that add a fair amount of assets.

There are issues with biome specific overrides, I don’t know if we will get to the point of even looking at this one : /. Mummies also were never made - it was just a cute idea from the stream : ). We might release the cactusling files if nothing else.

@Allie noticed this recently, not sure if it will get updated.

Input bins now have a lot more options (especially food ones) to help store things easily.

@max99x in case you didn’t see. @micheal_handy76_mh - it’d be better to put this in its own thread, this one is getting extremely full and a bug report is easy to miss amidst the requests.

There is a search bar, and with the latest push (I believe) we added searchability by mod (so just type the name of the mod in - like northern alliance - and it should show you the templates you want.

I think you’re looking for the hole tool? That should work… but maybe doesn’t work on roads?

Yup, goblin’s greatest enemy: a lack of ladders. This is an issue which we were unable to solve.

This was supposedly fixed - though sounds broken again. @Albert do you know anything about this not working?

Cheers all, thanks for posting!


@malley Just a thought as I was playing earlier. . . I think it’d be cool if there was a T2 or T3 trader that sold the old style outfits for the classes :wink:


Is it really possible to add a panel with quests? For example as in WoW.
And also the autocompletion of quests for which you need to press a button in the log?


Perhaps this can be done with the mod.
Replacement of all usual beds for comfortable or for the chosen type.


Thanks for the responses Malley

  1. How about sick bay bed assignment? Where you can assign a bed to be used exclusively by downed hearthlings so that you can keep the bandages near them to streamline the Herbalist’s job? (There is already 2 beds in the herbalist’s template.

  2. Possibly a game bug, however the heart above a footman wearing a helmet clips with the helmet for many angles and common animations.

  3. Have Potions and Bandages as an option on Output bins to allow a player to place them (or display them) conveniently next to a Sick Bay bed.

  4. Make the the new fragmented picket fence versions for the Flowered Picket Fence.

  5. Varanus Skin is used for a number of unique recipes (potions and shrines). However, it is used by weaver’s Leather recipe which leads to it being consumed for common items. Varanus skin should be seperated from these general pelt-based recipes and bin sorting filters.


Is it possible to add item to craft query from this list by click or right click on it?

Also add a third value indicating how many things are in the craft queue?


Seconding this one!
(and the one about the varanus skin)


When wet stones and dry stones are “disabled,” they still give off particle effects (this may fall under modding since there isn’t a normal way to “disable” the stones).


Heh, that’s a LOT of work. But you are welcome to do so as a mod, I think it should be possible… you might need a little code changes.

This is something we would like as well, maybe its something we could get to post 1.0.

good idea, i’ll see if i can add that.

If I get a little more time maybe I could figure something out, but they should still work alongside the other fences right now.

that’s an interesting point, i’ll take a look.

I’m not sure what you mean by “disabled”, you can undeploy them and keep them in your inventory to have them stop producing/removing water.


The wet_stone_component.lua keeps track of an enabled status in its saved variables that can be accessed and changed with :get_enabled() and :set_enabled(value).


Ah, you’re talking about manipulating the code while they are in the game? That is generally outside my purview : /. I guess as a mod you could disable them and then remove the effect on them if that’s your goal… but that’s really outside what I have knowledge of.


The color of this little guy could change depending on his kingdom:



a “view inventory” thinggy… so you can look through your whole inventory to see what you have and dont have…

herbalist finally healing hearthlings

a way to “hide foliage”…especially in the north and the acsendency place it is incredibly… irritating to not see stuff in the forrest

a way to give hearthlings actual priorities


Hmmm. Did you try the “Inventory” tab in the town overview window?


the more you know lol