A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1


Rabbit people get preferred job traits from all jobs, even though the Clan Amberstone job tree only includes mason and geomancer. The first time I got rabbit citizens I had an aspiring farmer and one with Green Thumb, I reloaded to get different ones (I was nearing max hearthlings my PC could run, don’t judge!)… and got the same again!

It got me thinking, it makes sense for the Rabbits to have at least a couple more jobs available. I can understand why they don’t have farming and other “advanced” knowledge from a lore perspective, but honestly, wouldn’t it make sense that they learn from the other hearthlings in town once they move in?

I realise that probably means more work in terms of making job uniforms, but honestly I could live without uniforms if it meant getting access to all jobs on my bun citizens. Perhaps they could use some other identifier, e.g. a badge or a large patch/logo on their worker overalls to show their profession?

It seems like a simpler option than trying to disable certain traits on bun citizens because they can’t do those jobs. They already have the “working” animation and I can’t think of any crafter animations they’d be missing. They have “whistle” for the shepherd too. I don’t know if they have the combat animations for the soldier roles (I’d assume so since they seem to reuse hearthling animations), but that’s one area I can see them not using standard jobs – they would have their own ways of fighting and not take readily to Hearthling methods.

(although I did like the idea that the rabbit person wanted to be a farmer, but couldn’t become one because they kept eating all the veggies straight out of the field :P)


For the idea of totally not ender chests, say the items exist in a stockpile in an alternate plane, and, bam, another Kickstarter goal in and disappointment for everybody :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hehehe, I thought the same thing and nearly made the joke, then thought it would just annoy people. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

But yes, I’m not even ashamed to admit that as soon as I wrote the idea I remembered that ender chests were a thing. I actually stole the concept from Terraria’s piggy banks though, so nyeh :stuck_out_tongue:


Another thought is a way to assign priority to a project.


I don’t know if this has been suggested yet but maybe add a way for hearthlings to get themselves un
trapped from holes in mines or when they mine themselves into a floating block, maybe they could auto constructed ladders and get themselves down. Sometimes I send my hearthlings to mine a big quarry and I forgot about them and they all mostly starved cos they couldn’t get out. I know i’m supposed to take care of them but I think they shouldn’t be helpless at all time lol


Guys, remember, minor polishes.
Like this:

(Edit, this got implemented)

Why the herbalist still has a saw icon in its craft button?


Is there anyway we can get the ability to turn on/off the “rally point” on the town banner for town defense mode? Since we have the ability to create safety banners, sometimes it would be nice to use the town banner as a decoration in an unsecured area and have hearthlings rally around a safety banners placed in secured areas.


Well you could always make a decorative version of the town banner as an item I guess?


This chest could count for the Kickstarter stretch goal of alternate dimensions…XD


Tiny UI thing: in the workshop view, items that have a level requirement of 1 (from back when crafters started at 0) have their level requirement text of “None Required!” shown in red when you don’t have any crafters of that type (e.g., after promoting your blacksmith to an engineer and before you make a new blacksmith).


Which also becomes a bit of a problem in cases were you want a shared bed, so changing the model like @Wouter_Sikkema suggested sounds better to me. It could even be taken a step further to make the model for the assigned beds depend on the job and traits of the one it is assigned to, to make it more personal. Taking even further steps (the realm of minor polishes disappearing behind the horizon) if there are traits like tidy and sloppy then the sloppy hearthling could leave shared beds (and workstations, dining tables and other things) in a messy state which annoys the tidy one if they have to use it, which would make assigning more important.

Showing an icon would be more ok if you could assign it as a shared bed to make it go away, which could be a first step for a UI to assign a bed as other things, like a hospital bed, tavern bed, prison bed and so on. It should probably default to being a shared bed though.


Could we get a “food shelf” that the cook and carpenter work together to build that prioritizes the cook to store food in it. That way in dining halls and taverns. I know we have other shelves, but this would make it easy to store any kind of food the cook makes, and prioritizes it to the hearthlings to eat first.


I want an option under the inventory tab, under consumables to actually use consumables!

Every time I want to use an energy tonic I have to go browsing through my stockpiles, I think it’s rather annoying.

The only workaround I’ve noticed is to use better stockpiles and have a specific spot for all your consumable needs.


Maybe in the herbalist workshop window UI.

You can do that without mods.


Dunno if such a feature will make it into the game, but you can use my mod: Obligation/Timer Tracker 1.1


Havent heard from yall, so here it is again, stock, item and loot not being picked up, here is the pic with a few new ones. Again this happen pretty fast in the game (about an 1 hour to 2 hours, random) but reloading fixes temporally till it happens again.

Trapper area, bugs and animals

Random items strung about

warehouse (crates and chest) in corner, still items just sitting there, and hearths they sitting at camp

same deal, even showing stock area accepts all items, but hearths just sitting there

Something else i noticed with season and to mob camps Everything else gets covered/affect by weather and seasons but these

Orc camp doesnt really get covered but ground

Undead camp same deal

Firepit doesn’t get affected either


To be fair the firepit would be good if there was a let’s say 7x7 wide block (preferably circle) around it that wouldn’t get covered (fake simulated roof maybe?) to simulate the heat melting the snow.


I’d love if blocks overlapping with terrain while placing a template would just be deleted for that instance instead of the template not being placable/buildable, especially for walls, while also lifting any placement restrictions so we can sink it deeper into the ground or cliffs. In my mind it’s a simple boolean function but maybe it’s not trivial in reality.


Can not paint mid section of roofs :confused:


Stone Torches can only be attached to walls, but the model looks like it could be place on flat ground too.