A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1


Trading cards already exist, and they’re adorable.

As for achievements, that’s always a somewhat involved process – not just the pipeline of adding them, but having the game recognise them to begin with. And beyond that, what even makes a good achievement for a game like Stonehearth?

With that said, there’s a significant boost in sales for almost every game that adds achievements (it might be skewed by the fact that most games add them as part of a larger content update, though.) Given how many people list Steam achievements as a “pro” in their reviews on Steam as well, I’d say it would be a good tactical move if the team have time/the ability to make it happen.


A map option that includes all 3 biomes so that in multiplayer people can play multiple kingdoms.


Could you make it so that the hit detection for the mouse marker goes through tooltips (like the one in the middle of the screen while mining). They tend to get in the way. Also, maybe move them to the bottom left or right of the screen so they are not in the middle of the work area.
Haven’t tried it now but if I don’t remember it wrong then if you use a tool and click and drag and the marker goes over a part of the GUI then that counts as releasing the mouse button. If that’s still true then disabling hit detection for the GUI while dragging would be an improvement.


Mmm, how about this. A button to select all combat parties? In case I want to take all my special groups and just bum rush with numbers.

On that note could we get the flag and icon markers for party commands be color coded to represent the parties they’re controlling? Having a white/black/rainbow or even checkered flag (with all 4 colors on it) represent all party commands?


Wait I got one more:

A button to re-position a ghost object before it is placed? I keep misclicking at times either due to a lag jump or by my own haste and it would be easier just to select the ghost and re-position it rather than delete it and have to place a new one.


I’d really love to see the move button for placed doors and windows.


If you want to be able to move placed doors and windows in a way that would change the structure of the building, I’m pretty much 100% certain that won’t be happening because it would involve altering a building after it’s been built.


One more wish — separate slot for quick saves for each town


@max99x, it was just and example. and by the way, that was trapper items. but this goes over all to all items. nothing gets put away after a certain amount of time. items you by, items u get, items you make even items they drops. like i said the only way to fix this issue it to save game and reload game.

Even if you say loot items they wont touch it. even if you have auto-loot on. again this is a issue that happens over time in game.


Creative thought: one could even spawn an innocent looking rock that has evolution stages like trees, and some of those stages has a varanus spawned. Voila, migratory varanus.


I think he means “same sized ones”
So you build a ladder up to a window, store it or move it, and put a different one of the same size in.


Hey @malley

A couple of suggestions/polish I can think of at the moment :smiley: I know that you guys have limited time though. So I will order them from lowest to highest scope :relieved:

  1. Being able to make the Bronze Portcullis door. (last I checked it is only available from merchants). This item is separate from the Ascendancy Tier 3 combat shrine reward portcullis.

  2. DONE - Do a pass on the unimplemented class level up rewards. Just so that you remove what will never be :disappointed_relieved:)

  3. A reminder that the town journal exists :joy: I feel like it has mostly redundant information and has been surpasses by the appeal system. Maybe it should be removed or proceeds to over scope becomes a display of the most common negative/positive thoughts of the town. (Or it becomes an excuse for me to learn HTML and mod it myself :thinking:)

  4. DONE - Farmer’s currently have an unused/unimplemented level up reward for gold star crops. Maybe make it an increase in yield/growth speed.

  5. There are currently no uses for bug shells when hunting other than to sell them or clutter your inventory. Is it possible to turn them into more valuable ornaments with a crafter such as the mason or potter. Maybe it can be used in a fired clay pot recipe or make some wall decorations.

  6. The Season environment colors in the pallets. There are so many now, maybe they need their own section in the building editor.

  7. Pet beds? I have this vague memory of a stream about assignable pet beds on a stream.

  8. Making tier 3 accent colors for items for each civilization a separate color. For example, Ascendancy’s is currently green but Rayya’s children’s accent color could be the red items that use to be the old fine items and the Northern Alliance could have a violet/purple theme :scream:

  9. Different clothing for each class based on their race. Even if it is just some basic coloration changes because the silhouette is still important to maintain (and the models are already fantastic!).

  10. Upgraded outfits built by the Weaver for specific non-combat classes, or more simply make classes able to pick up the default worker outfits and upgrade their own clothes to the gold trimmed/winter version (which could be a subtle coloration change).

  11. More tier based decorations for other crafters. So tier 3 (green) curtains, tier 3 mason and potter decor and, comfy bed equivalents for stone and clay would be awesome.

Otherwise, these aesthetic differences between the clans can totally be made into a mod. I want to learn to mod anyway ^^


Could you please update 1st post with following blocks

  1. All suggested improvements
  2. Developer’s answers
  3. Suggestions without answers

Thus, it will be easy to keep track of what has been read and accepted.


New idea. Icon above the bed that is not assigned to anyone


From last stream, mummies instead of zombies in the desert. (mummies = zombies rolled in paper)
Cactuslings instead of entlngs, this one was already modeled by @Allie , but is not in the game files(?)


Slight change on the bed idea, not an icon but a different bed spread or pillow. Should be doable in a mod though now I think about it.
@SnorrLaxZ one for the ACE maybe?
(unoccupied vs occupied beds visibility via model change or variation?)


I’m suggest icon because it is can be clearly visible without zooming.


And one more fantasy :slight_smile: It’s probably in ACE.
We have a geomancer, magic, a “mobile land”.
It’s time to think about the conveyors :slight_smile: Remote mining go go!


I had a crazy thought about this, but what about a “portal chest”, where multiple chests share the same inventory? It would fit the lore of Siv’s Chest very well, the idea that each chest is actually a link to an otherworldly stockpile.

It could be a super simple way of automating hauling – just place one chest where things are coming from, and keep the others in frequently used locations. Move the far-off input chests as necessary. EDIT: of course, this doesn’t stop hearthlings from needing to go out there to fill the chest; so it would mean cricket golems still have a place. What it does is save the cricket golems (and the hearthlings) lots of walking back and forth from town, as long as they can stay in one place and keep filling the chest.

What I’m imagining would work by abusing the inventory registration somehow, not sure if it’s possible and if it’s not already possible then it would definitely be beyond the scope of “minor polish.” That said, if it is somehow possible with current methods then it should be a quick solution to one of the most asked-for things (not yet) in the game!


Actually I meant doors and windows that are placed through the place furniture mechanic.