A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

I was thinking about a landmark with a burrow right under some giant plant entity which spawns varanuses unless the plant is chopped down.


Maybe I was not quite clear. I would say that it would be convenient to change the selection in the current game, not when the new begins. For example, I chose the 3rd lvl knight, but the other got the 6th level, so I would like to take it with me, not the first one :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out on a new release. I suggested this improvement, because the game did not offer me to take anything with me except the banner.

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Yeah, I need to get around and update that original post – it turns out that a few of the things mentioned (particularly plants) were already in progress when I put it up lol!

I agree that a lot of this can come down to modders, so if you guys don’t get a chance to work on them this thread will eventually fold into the ACE thread or some similar one. It’s more of “hey, if you get the chance, this might be fun/quick to work on and would make a significant impact” – it might not all be low-hanging fruit, but then, some of the juiciest fruit is always near the top :wink:

Either way, thanks for all the info :merry:


I like it, though it may end up needing to be a mod project : /. It does sound possible… though I don’t know of anything (any code) that continuously spawns entities.

What about the undead which spawn around the Black Cord crypts and graves each night, then despawn at day? Varanus might do something similar, coming out at day and heading back in at night (after all they’re reptiles so they need to sunbathe.) I think that’s tied to the encounter rather than the grave items though, isn’t it?


What about the StoneHearth world border as seen in DT: Exploring the Edge – Stonehearth? Is that still coming in? I was very hyped for that!


A feature that I really want to see is selecting a color for your faction. So the ascendancy have red clothings, red rugs and flags/banners and such?


Don’t know if this was updated recently, but something which always felt shallow was how trading with merchants worked. I could mass produce and bulk sell them whatever they wanted, and each merchant would always buy everything.

Improving upon this is probably some low-hanging fruit and could add a lot. With 2 easy additions, this system can be made quite a lot deeper:

1. Have merchants pay less for the same items they sell

Merchants probably aren’t interested in buying the same goods they sell. They would therefore not be prepared to pay the same price as other merchants.

This could be implemented fairly easily: Merchants could if they have/had item X in inventory, only be prepared to buy item X at a discounted price.

This provides me with the interesting choice: do I want to sell my items now, at a loss, to buy other items from the merchants or do I want to wait? Do I maybe want to sell some other items I wasn’t planning on selling first instead?

2. Have items decrease in worth after they have been sold in bulk.

If I sell item X today for Y gold, the next merchant probably wouldn’t be prepared to pay Y gold since the market for this item has been flooded. This prevents mass producing and bulk selling of one or a few items.

This could also be implemented fairly easily: the game could keep a global selling history. This probably sounds difficult, but don’t panic yet. This can be implemented by just adding a simple JSON file with the item-ids of price-reduced items and the current price modifier. The game then should for every X sold of item Y decrease the price modifier by Z percent. Future merchants would then only be prepared to pay: normal price * price modifier for item X. After each visit of a merchant, the price modifier should slowly increase back to the baseline. To keep the file small, items should only be added to this list if the price is modified. Furthermore, if they price has crawled back to its original price it could be removed from the file.

Extra: Have prices reflect current events

Now if you’re really enthusiastic and have some time to spare: the game could increase the price of food during winter and the price of weapons/armor during the endgame: making winters, the endgame and the trading game even more interesting.

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Since I was hoping that ambient occlusion is getting an overhaul for the full release which doesn’t seem realistic anymore I’m wondering. Is the shader written in LUA as well or is there a GLSL API or something? Maybe a stupid question but I know nothing about coding. I was also hoping that ReShade would one day be able to access the depth buffer to postpro MXAO but it probably won’t. So maybe it’s possible to port its MXAO shader as a mod if the author allows it and it’s possible.

Is there any way we could get an update to the slab took that lets us choose what type of slab it is before we place them? Sometimes its kind of a pain to make a huge roof and then select all the non joined parts to mark them as roof blocks :sweat_smile:

Very unlikely for 1.0.

is there something being done about stock not getting put away at all, or loot being picked up

The item selected in your screenshot is lootable. Does it not get restocked when looted? Do you have auto looting turned on in the options?

Is the shader written in LUA as well or is there a GLSL API or something?

All the shaders are GLSL and the source code for them, the materials, and the rendering pipeline setup is shipped with the game.


@BrunoSupremo, weren’t the old crab traps in the Archipelago de facto spawners?

Now, when I think of it, it could be a burrow with an object called Varanus’ Nest spawning cute baby Varanuses.

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Oh, you’re right - that totally works now : ). I even messed with that a bit at one point and made a stronger raiding party that would come attack your town (never committed it though, and that was over a year ago so its prolly trash now). Maybe I can find an opportunity to do stuff like this after 1.0 - but if not, modders can definitely do it with no new code. Thanks for reminding me ; D.


Can encounters spawn with landmarks? If so, things could get really interesting – summon a suitable dwelling (rocky cave with a drystone, perhaps?), and varanus will be attracted and set up “camp” (a nest) inside which will proceed to release more varanus occasionally. They could wander around, or they might even attack your town (they smell your food reserves!)

Of course, we can already create landmarks which include entities so I presume that extends to living as well as static (plant) entities… in fact I believe either you or Max might have said as much already in another thread hahah. So the bare-bones option is to just have a landmark with a few varanus in it. That feels like it gives too much control to the player though, since you could just surround the spawn-site with guards or turrets and turn it into automated slaughter. Hence why I like the event/encounter option more – it’s a bit more involved, and can get progressively more threatening (but more rewarding too), and at the end of the event can be some item (varanus egg?) which allows you to craft the landmark summon stone and start it again as needed.

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Yes and no - landmarks themselves can spawn entities, but they would have no additional information - like who they belong to or what not (I believe they would assume player_1). But landmarks are placed using the scenario system, which can place entities that belong to the gm (and maybe other players, not sure). I have not tried yet, but I’m sure its possible to place a landmark via the encounter system - but I’m sure there are edge cases that would cause various problems that would need to be solved.

ah, makes sense.

Either way, I’m getting excited for the potential here – there’s going to be a ton for modders to play around with!

I’m hoping I can make that stream, it’ll be a tight fit but I’ll try to run back after an appointment to catch it hahah. There’s a lot to dig into here, so seeing them in action would be wonderful.

(of course, worst case I’ll just watch the archived video; but if I get the chance to ask questions I’m going to take it lol!)


I think this should be already fixed with the latest changes to the collisions of plants :thinking:

I can’t keep it a secret. This is coming in the next build!!! :jubilant: :tada:
So hyped. It was long due, sorry for the wait :slightly_smiling_face:


Equally hyped. I’ve been holding off on upgrading some beds, so this is most welcome :merry:


Yes!! :slight_smile: Thank you!

question: for savegames from
earlier builds, will all currently undeployed beds get their ownership data wiped when the save is loaded the first time? Or will players have to deploy and undeploy their spare beds to clear them?

I think you will need to deploy/undeploy to clear them.

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What about Steam achievements and trading cards? :slight_smile: Any chance to see them in release?

Or an option to mark another mod as a dependency in the Workshop? Would be useful in templates using modded stuff (there already are templates asking for my LostEms mod despite it not being uploaded to SW yet…).

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