A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

the more you know lol

It would be really useful to have some sort of list of golems that your town has. I keep thinking my cricket golems are dead because they like to disappear for awhile :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Just found a typo on the chitin material tags :slight_smile:

"material_tags": "stockpile_animal_part resource animal_part chitchin"

It says “chitchin” instead of chitin :smiley:


another one: place soldiers into multiple groups (archers for hunting groups… soldiers for patrolling, all for invasions etc)

also redo cramped environment… currently it is WAY to easy to get this malus

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You have 4 party banners. When you select a party, you can modify its members via the unit frame.

Edit: Party membership is exclusive: a hearthling can’t belong to multiple parties, and you can’t select multiple parties at once. However, it’s possible using my [cough, cough, self-promotion] [Mod] UnitFramePlus v1.2 mod to select an enemy and then click a single button to attack with all of your parties at once (or individually click each party color you want to attack with) rather than having to select each party you want to use and direct them to attack the target.


Regarding building templates - to be able to name or re name the template as part of the pop up “Do you want to save the current building?” I didn’t realise the name was supposed to go in the box next to Pause/Build. Silly me but still…

Along with that, a list of your pets would be nice. In the end game I like to buy one of each, and…I seem to have lost some. Hopefully they didn’t die.

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^a way for pet owners , cooks, tamers or the likes to ACTUALLY FEED pets… without having to wait for a late game tech … because hello??? 3 days of - 20 movement speed because (dead animal) bogged game mechanics!!!

OR why do pets not eat themselves? ESPECIALLY if there is PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENTY of food laying around

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The pets do go and eat when they’re hungry; if yours aren’t then it may be a symptom of another issue (e.g. no access to the food, or too many AIs for the computer to process all of them, or something like that)

ANOTHER anotherone…

having an option to get specific hearthlings…

it kinda sucks to get herbivores… when you build a hunting tribe

AND a way to rotate the “pos 1” from your settlement … meaning if you rotate your “flag” whenever you press g it should “port” you to the DIRECTION said flag is facing… instead of always pointing… north i guess

also please fix hearthlings completly ignoring their jobs… requiring a “reset” of all jobs


give us an option to force shields on footmen

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The Iron Portcullis’ tooltip reads “for when you absolutely need the strongest door” (or something to that effect), and yet the Ironclad Door actually has more health.

Rather than correcting the tooltip, I’d prefer to see the portcullis be boosted to 800-1k health – putting it on par with enemy tank units like giant zombies. That way it can actually stand as a defence for a significant time if your army is busy elsewhere.

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It seems like it’d be possible because you can select between the barbed and fire arrows. It might have to be modded though at this time.


Switching arrow types doesn’t require a change of items though; the fire quiver is able to use either fire or spiky arrows.

Forcing a shield would require a way to control what is equipped in each hand, which probably can be done through modding but would be more complicated than what the fire quiver does (it’s basically just a variable which can be toggled); and thus I doubt it’s in the realm of “minor” improvement.

That said, there’s some good news: if someone is able to mod in control over what is equipped in each hand, then they’ve basically added dual-wielding at the same time; as well as enabling full control over the hearthlings’ equipped inventory. So it’s a very rewarding project for someone to undertake, it would naturally branch out into a significant expansion of ways we can equip our hearthlings, which might even extend to non-combat things like improved tools or outfits.

In the meantime it’s possible to “fake” both dual-wielding and shield equipping with a very simple mod, just add a new item which is comprised of a sword and shield, or two swords, and which has a higher (or at least equal) value compared to any of the two-handed weapons. In the case of fake dual-wielding there’s an unfortunate limitation that only the on-hand will be animated to attack, although if the off-hand weapon is positioned correctly then it should be possible to make a convincing “guard pose” for when the hearthling is blocking.

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exactly… i hate how i have super squishy footmen whenever i get a random boneaxe drop

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Well knights are ment to be your beef meat wall. If you can get them in combat first they can take alot of damage.

Add a third “ghost hand” slot. With a toggle button. Make two handers take all three slots. Done.

Did that already by making a shield that is a sword visable, and that works quite nicely

A cloth stone and clay bed.


2 bad foot men are like, twice as fast as knights… and it still sucks to have super squishy footmen when you dont have knights at all thanks to… “unreasonable” proffession chains…