A settlement story.[forum game]


Ok so i will start a story and you guys will resume it and extend it on the replys!

This is the story of 8 settlers who just arrived in the region.


Their names and looks did not match those of any other human around here, their skin stained a dark maroon from the sun.


Asdfjki, the leader of the group, wore a box of many shifting colors.


That box was gifted to him from his father, and to his father from his father, and so on. It is said to be an ancient aztec artefact.


Asdfjki, pronounced “As-duh-Fiji-key,” travelled with his brother, sister-in-law, wife and his four sons.

The sons fought as to who the box would be passed down to. It is said the colors could be used to see…


… the colors could be used to see the map that leads to the land of unicorns and leprechauns.


But not just any kind of unicorns or leprechauns but ones of German descent, which means these unicorns and leprechauns could…


…speak German…


so the settlers started an encampment , some went hunting for food as some other were exploring or building


The Hunter group were collectively known as the Jaegers, and the Building group was known as the Builders.


And the explorers the became known as The People Who Never Returned or as Lunatics


after the initial building was done they had finally were ready to open the polish food restaurant that would serve as the main governing building and they moved on to build a…


A giant statue of a…


wooden dog, only to later burn it in fear of invoking their Ultimate Demon, Newf’s, wrath, and also just to tick him/her/it off really badly.


After they pointlessly did that they than constructed a building made out of…


Smaller wooden dog statues…


That we’re glued together by…


a mysterious, glowing sap of a very large oak tree near by.


ninjas! Thanks, @LunarWolf!

edit: However, these trees were protected by the dogs of the woods, who were also quite angry about the burning of the wooden Newf.


Although the Dogs were murdered by the huntsmen of the group and were given to a local Chinese restaurant for supplying the restaurant they were given…