Multi racial settlements Discussion And T-shirts

I want to know if there has been any previous discussion about this in any streams, as i have been inactive for a little while, I asked Steve about this way back before I went inactive, but he told me to make a Topic about it, although we did discuss it on the kickstarter page. Basically, can i have a Human worker settle a town, and have a dwarf come in to become a high level natural ability blacksmith? and could I get a bunnymen to come in and be a weaver? If I have a higher money value in weapons and armor and, like, things made of metal, can I have a increased chance for dwarven immigrants, or, if I make allot of painting and sculpture value out of clothes and the like, could i have a greater chance of a bunnyman to come, being natural skilled in the more culture aspects of crafting? It’s 4:00 at night EST so i don’t expect a answer soon.

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I’m not sure if this information has changed at some point, but as far as I know this is pretty much where things stand:

Sorry it’s not quite a definitive answer, but I’d be very hopeful about having the ability to recruit other races to your settlement :smile:

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Thanks, that was way faster than I expected, but my other questions will hopefully be continued to be discussed inside this Topic, because i want to, that’s why. Why else?

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Interesting ideas. Honestly, it sounds like something Radiant might do. It would certainly add purpose to things like statues and Radiant are always looking for reasons to include items from a gameplay point of view. We’ve seen statues in the mock-up picture of the city but as of before, I’m not sure they had any gameplay purpose to them. So this would be quite cool.

I am, however, only voicing my opinion. I have no more information than @Geoffers747 but I mean c’mon, he’s the “Universal Source of Truth”, how am I supposed to even compete?!


as @Geoffers747 pointed out, and in very generic terms, once the additional races are introduced, there will certainly be some sort of interaction between your units and those other races…

and even if team radiant doesnt implement a full “recruitment system”, i have complete confidence that an enterprising modder will bake it in, once those new races are available… :+1:

What i refereed to in my top post was a culture and a wealth value, these making it more likely for either a band of immigrants of either race to show up, maybe if you’ve got a strong espionage scene, friendly goblins will show up and ask to be assassins (Useful in Co-Op maybe.) Also hiring them from caravans would be quite interesting. While when i refer to culture and wealth, i refer to the quality and value of the items, aka a war hammer is better for wealth while a statue is better for culture and quality value. Say you engrave the war hammer and make it ceremonial, now it’s wealth goes up slightly and it’s quality goes up allot., depending on what the engraving mean, this is a kick starter comment to get the discussion going.

I love how ‘Dont worry a modder will add it in’ has become a generic term on this forum, I feel it should be a meme like Keep Calm A Modder Will Add It In

it really has…

and its not something i usually like to fall back on… but given how the entire game is built from the ground up be completely moddable, i feel we have that leeway… :wink:

The only real limit is how much coders we have and what they’re interested in. For example I’m interested in seeing how much modding I can make available through in game guis, adding/changing monsters or classes or buildings while you play. That might be difficult though as it’s the kind of thing that would put the limits on modding to the test but it could be the potential to do so much more.

On topic. I think that multi-racial settlements would be cool but you’d probably need balancing factors to not have people basically exploit the system and hyper-optimise a city. Although just inserting minor racial distrust and a half decent breeding/parentage system should do that. Your humans can only make humans with other humans etcetera etcetera.

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@SteveAdamo I think I smell a t-shirt! :tshirt: Of course, most people who play Stonehearth wouldn’t get it, but we would. We would.

You gave me the best Idea ever Smokestacks and I ordered this t-shirt (My own design of course) off a custom t-shirt website called spread shirt

The image is a bit small but what can you do

P.s. I couldnt add any stonehearth pics because of copyright reasons

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this one works for me… :wink:


That is fantastic. When it arrives, you have to put a picture of it up so that it’s readable :wink: and then if I’m a mod on the next stream I will abuse my powers and tag the link over and over until they click it. I think @Tom, @Ponder and @sdee might quite like that :wink:

If that’s a shirt to buy, i might just have to buy it.
Might as well change the name to Tshirt ideas then.

i’m thinking separate thread, shirt ideas.

ps. would totally buy those shirts

just go to and design your own

its surprising how easy (and cheap) making a custom t-shirt is now… :+1:

and with that, i’ll gently nudge this back on track… :smile:

Wonder if someone mods into the game that when settlers from different races come, they will have new clothes due to the difference in culture? Maybe one comes with a “Keep Calm And Hire A Modder.” T-Shirt? And when they die, it get’s passed onto whoever gets it, either a family member or whoever gets to it first.

For the main game this is unlikely to happen for a long while, both because of other more important issues than having other playable races and given the desire to have races play decently differently they’d’ve needed to decide how the races will function before you can use them which would basically require having made them playable.

However, it’s very likely that there will be modded races being created at a faster rate than official races and it’s also quite likely that someone would take the idea of multiple races in one city and implement it. Probably wouldn’t be all that hard really, as long as you can tell a unit what class tree to use and it’s not a city-wide thing than it should work fine. We’d have the ability to create new models/units, new classes, skills, and stat defaults and really that’s all we need to have them join another city. You’d need things like defined architecture and item styles to have them actually playable but as supplementary citizens it should actually be fairly simple as long as races are handled to be pretty much just a skill and model template that can be changed because if it’s not built to support other races it might be harder and require rewriting how humans work. I believe the devs though have the foresight to not build the game so that it assumes you’d never want to play as another race and that framework related to it is unnecessary and wouldn’t matter, particularly as they’re planning on implementing some themselves.

oh, absolutely… i am quite confident that some enterprising modders will gobble up the requisite Lua (which governs the out of the box race), and mold it to fit a new playable race… within, ohh… 24 hours? :wink: