World building elements

Hello everyone it has been a while since I last posted but this is something I have had stuck in my head for a while and thought a discussion would be worth bringing to the community.

Please note I am typing on a tablet for the first time so there my be a few weird errors.

What I would like to discuss is world building and how some elements of world building can offer a lot to our favorite game stonehearth.

Typically world building would start at the world creation level but in this game that generation is randomized but this is not such a major issue. Where the real fleshing out of this game happens in shaping your settlement. However there is nothing particular in the game’s existing nature which make one persons settlement unique compared to another persons. We can adapt our own architecture but save for that great part there isn’t much to set things apart.

What I would really like to see are some small systems which give players choices which can inadvertently create a unique culture each time you play.

I am not going go into great detail into some of these choices but I will list a few suggestions and I feel the depth will be created via the discussion to follow.


  • biome selection could have a small influence on culture via clothing or some other small element

  • resource abundance will have some sort of small influence

  • some choices to choose cultural perks which can unlock variant weaponry, clothing, architecture, etc

  • special perks which you can choose via quest rewards which will could perhaps have major impact on gameplay. Example: unlocks special abilities which could make your settlement much more magic focused rather than classical sword and board…

  • unlocks can be rewards for completing small in game milestones, quest rewards, finding special optional perks in chests etc

Anyway just a little thought. I just feel that creating attachment and uniqueness while playing the game could have a giant lasting Impression.


Nice post by the way. :smile: Should this not me moved to suggestions? @SteveAdamo


I like these ideas. I figured the three distinct human factions and all the non human factions would have very different architecture. But I would love to see variations of architecture within the different cultures.


Discussion on the differentiation of the three human factions can also be found on this thread. It’s a relatively short thread currently, but it can give you a good starting point for some of the discussion on the factions’ influence on gameplay and the level of diversification between each other.

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