Would anyone like a story? [Poll] - ADDED TEASER - OFFICIAL STORY STARTED => Memoria autem Dracones praecedentes

This is only a general thought I had, and not sure I will carry out. Whats your take?Would you like a story (maybe with pictures) of a new town till the end game?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=1 public=false]

    1. yes
    1. no

I’ll give it a few days, before closing it

Edit=> Ok, I will give you a bit of a teaser.

7 relatives from the town of Mingrad, are great lovers of adventure. They are all capable of the skills they deem necessary for their greatest adventure yet. They will track to the Red Sands and there… … … Raiders … … … Orcs … … … Treachery … … … Decisions … … …

What faith awaits these mad adventurers?


It wouldnt be bad, but they would need to add it when the game is complete (i mean like bosses and biomes)

Or else it would be kinda crap cuz you would have to wait for new content to be added every time

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I would say, have an option “story mode” and an option “sandbox” without one

So like the Goblin Arc…but more? I saw another thread (I’ll try to find it and then credit it correctly) that suggested which monument you build could set you down a different path, which I really liked!

He means if you want to see him build a new town.

XD also yes to that. will there be narrative?

I would say No.
Just because I’d like for the game to remain the way it is, a sandbox.
I would however, take more township quests, and more random events like with the orcs and crypts.

However, I wouldn’t mind, if in the future, after the game is more complete, they start implementing something along those lines. That way people who have been playing the game for XX amount of time have something new to do; or those who are brand new to this genre have some sort of “guiding hand” with the story mode.

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While I agree with you…That wasn’t the question. He wants to know if we would be interested in him telling us a story about a town that he made. I would assume it would be almost like a journal.

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@John_Lau D: RIP me for not reading the whole post;;.

Eh, it’s okay. I did the same thing until I saw @MaddyGrand’s post.


I’m always keen to see stories of other players’ towns :merry: However, the kind of “photo-journals” you describe will always hold a special nostalgia for me from the first forums I took part in, just around the time that YouTube was becoming a big thing. On that forum, it was common to see these woven tapestries of narrative and picture records; and that form of storytelling really captured my imagination.

So, I say go ahead and have fun! This is a place to share stories and ideas, after all, if I didn’t want to see that kind of content I wouldn’t keep coming back hahah!

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I had purpose today :jubilant: