The Story of The Cursed Blessings

(this a brief story that is the background of the Cursed Blessings nation in The Map Game. Also I have linked my story a bit with naturalnukes story you will see, and lastly since i made this there is bound to be erros because its also for fun. So please excuse me.)

The Story of The Cursed Blessings

I sat down on the wooden chair. My bow slung over his shoulder and my quiver full.I looked into the mirror in front of me a blond hair,blue eyed person wearing a green cloak and green pants looked right back at me.

“You ready for a little archeology?” my father asked “We will be looking more into the old ways today!”

“Fenn! I don’t understand why you waste your time with this arke-“

“Archeology! Its Arch-eology!” my father retorted

My name is Iheiuh Chirr… and this is my stupid life.

Parents like mine quickly get over fight between each other. But that personality isn’t in me when I argue with someone I don’t get over my mother says that that is a flaw in me but I ignore her.
I step out of the ancient wooden tree that made my house and stepped out into what used to be the beautiful land of the Elderon’s elves. Long ago a plague struck the land but the high elves survived then more than 100 years after a second plague struck. But in the first plague the second generation some of the children born had stone grey skin, grey or white eyes, and light colored hair came to be but they were banned to the sands of Itcaz. There are rumors that they still live practicing magic and getting stronger. I am 30 living with my parents because there is house being made for me and I can’t think of living in a dessert.

My father step out the door where i followed him down the trees to the ground. There my father spoke to the trees the “higher ups” didn’t like the fact my father was talking to trees to find out the past for some reason. So they threatened him secretly my mother told him to stop but he always insisted on continuing that why he take me along with him to ask as a lookout but in a few minutes I would regret sleeping. That is why I regret laying up against the soft bark of the tree. I would regret dozing off for an hour because that’s when I would lose my father forever.


The sound of an arrow hitting its mark I opened one eye and my draw dropped. Blood seeped from the back of my father’s head.

Him dyeing resulted to what came next…

“Must you really leave!?” My mother screamed into my ear. I brushed past and ignored her as I stuffed my green pack. I turned to face her.

“Father died for this and the government is banishing me for having helping a criminal I have no choice but to leave!” I screamed

“You will be by yourself!”

“Other people are coming with me they are following my cause!”

“Sc*ew the cause of following the “old ways”!” my mother switched to a soft tone
“If you must leave then for give them…for give them…”

Closed up my pack and went outside pushing my mother out of the way my friends and others waited for me. As we walked down the wooden planked path down a few people shouted insults.But the old woman at the end of the ramp scared me.

“We all curse you! Our curse is to never find what you seek!This Curse will follow far and wide and will only stop when your corpse is in h*ll!”

I felt kind of worried and i jogged passed her as people cheered for her.
We then reached the sea. Salt rose into my nose our floating makeshift raft floating neraby. We untied the raft and we were off 100 followers strong. That’s all I need.

To get revenge on those spoiled pigs.

(make a another one if people like it)


Sounds pretty good. I for one would like to hear more

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Me to!

sort of gona makr it hard to work together.

one corection

Eldarian elves

Alright fixed the error.

sands of the Itcaz, Itcaz is the desert, Itcazie is the people. (Sorry this was bugging me)

Fixed that too.Sorry.

No more stories? :disappointed:

I kinda forgot about this place XD.
I’ll have one up in a day or 2.

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Short blurb regarding my recent turn.

Told in the view of Iheiuh Chirr

I walked through the bustling village watching as children played and adults when about there daily business. I turned past the house and bumped in to one of my friends. Thuriloston.

“Hello old friend!” I said with a smile. He himself looked excited like a boy hunting for the first time. He held what looked to be a large brown stick in his hand. He also was playing with something in his pocket.

"Hello King Iheiuh! He said with a slight bow.

“You are my friend a Thuriloston stop with the formalities.” he went back to his casual stance.

“Well then Iheiuh I have been looking for you.” I arched my eyebrow. “You have for what reason?”
“Are reasearchs have my a slight breakthrough and made this.” He stuck out the wooden stick I could see bits of metal and a hole at one end.

“And this is?” I said taking it out of his hand.

“An arquebus…We’ll at least the final product will be.” He scrathed the back of his head.

“What does it exactly do?”

“Shoots bullets from this end,” he said pointing to the hole." And it fires by pulling this trigger." I pulled the silver trigger and a shot came as well as a thud from hitting a tree.

“Amazing!” I yelled." It shoots metal!."

“Yes, but that is not all I have to show you.” he pulled out a small metal device. “This can store magic and release magic.” he pressed a wooden button and I could feel the magic being drained from around me.

“Brilliant!” I hollered.

“But there is one more thing that I would like to show you but you will have to follow me.” I nodded and followed Thuriloston towards the small house that he called the “Research Center”. I stepped through the door to see a large cone shaped vehicle in front of me. The cone was covered in a spiral and the tip pointy.

“I call it a Magnetic Drill.” he said raising his arms towards the vehicle." It can be used to mine the near by mountain." Thuriloston Had always said the Science would lead to the future but I always thought he was crazy. But Science. Science could be the key to achieving my goals.

“Transport the drill to the mountain and get mining.” I looked at the drill." And continue your research and this time preferably in magic."

Research Will Be Our Weapon.

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I’m glad you decided to start these again. :slight_smile:

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Thank @naturalnuke for that.

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I wrote a story on the discussion thread in case you’re interested.