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Hey there!
Hello! My name is Duncan, and I run a little Youtube channel in which is play many games, but also a lot of Stonehearth. I started out in Alpha 20, then made my first real series in Alpha 21 with the city of Cheddar! I’m planning on making more and more videos on this game, as simply I adore it. This includes Let’s Plays, and Let’s Builds. With this I hope to share me experiences with the game, what I do, how I do things, inspire people with my builds, and simply contribute to the Stonehearth community a bit in my own way.



Throughout my StoneHearth Series, each ‘season’ so to say is a different city. We have Cheddar, Longhom, RogueFort, Stilton, and Splenwood. Below I will show images of each of these series in the hope you can see what I’ve done, and the playlists of these series are linked at the bottom of the post!

StoneHearth Beta
Splenwood was my second attempt at a Let’s Build in StoneHearth, after the first one didn’t go that well, and I eventually didn’t finish that one, but this one I actually am quite happy with.

The city of Splenwood is one of Rayya’s Children. Hidden deep within the deserts, the hearthlings decided to dig down to protect themselves from the burning sun and sandstorms. Their city being tiered, and surrounded by a small wall, they have made an aquaduct to bring water into the city from the nearby lake.

StoneHearth Alpha 23, Alpha 24, Beta
Stilton is my current city, and one I have yet to create a small story for. It’s also the city with the most bugs…

The city currently residents on a small island, having no walls and only one way in. A small bridge. All their soldiers are stationed there to keep the others save, as the Heroine Raven Burlyhands leads the troops into battle to protect the town.

There… also is an altar of bugs, with one person laying on it who has died, but won’t change into a tombstone.

StoneHearth Alpha 22
Roguefort, a series currently on Hold due to a lack of inspiration, but something to return in the form of Let’s Builds. It’s an actual kingdom, that was once a small mining settlement. The castle of Roguefort looks out over the town of Roguefort and it’s inhabitants as on the mountain behind them, the petrified Dragon still casts a shadow over the city.

The castle itself has yet to be build, as does the dragon, but the town is already quite nice on it’s way!

StoneHearth Alpha 21
Longhom, or Longhorn as I couldn’t remember which one it was during recording, is my first attempt at Rayya’s Children. At the time still being fairly unexperienced with the game, I wasn’t quite sure what to do and got slightly bored.

The city itself stands in the middle of a desert, they surrounded themselves with walls for protection against monsters, and eventually started to dig into the nearby mountains as the sandstorms began. Their only hope is the return of the mighty bunny god, who’s altar stands in the middle of the city, who will turn this desert back into a living forest.

This series I eventually stopped due to a severe lack of inspiration, and finding the colour scheme at the time quite boring. Since then, more colours have been added, and I might continue this as another Let’s Build to atleast finish the town.

StoneHearth Alpha 21
The mighty town of Cheddar, home of the Heroine Raven Burlyhands and pride of the Ascendency Kingdom, was my very first real attempt at a StoneHearth game. This also being the one I completely completed in the form of a Let’s Play. This city was the origin of most of my StoneHearth experience, but also most of my StoneHearth inspiration.

Cheddar stands at the edge of a mountain, build between the mountain edge and the open sea. This is the home of Raven Burlyhands, the heroine of the Ascendency. The one who leads the other settelements, protects them and ensures they become just as great as Cheddar self. The large tower of Engineering is the home of the Engineering school, and not much further are the airdocks of the Ascendency Airships, flying soldiers and trade to every city under their rule.

Now, looking back at this town… there are a lot of things I could have designed better, but it’s the first series for a reason after all. I mean, just look at the difference between this, and Splenwood for example.






Now, at first I wasn’t quite sure where to put my templates, so I made a drive and linked to it in each of my StoneHearth videos. Now, I think I might add them here at a later point.

If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to ask them!


While these builds are amazingly impressive (seriously, they’re beautiful!) the builder has just undergone a huge overhaul and old templates may not be compatible.


His recent rayya city (the one in the ground) is all a24.

That waterfall dried? It would be a nice addition if you placed a wetstone to keep the water flowing (and a drystone at the bottom to avoid it flooding)


What are these wonderful wetstone and drystones you’re speaking of?


It is an item that spawns water (and the other sucks it)
There is no gameplay way to get those yet, but you can spawn them using the item stamper (requires enabling the debug mod)


You’re a hero! This opens up so many posibilities for my builds


For the sake of answer completeness:

Once the mod is enabled, little icons will appear at your clock. Click the stamper.
In the text field, type wet, and click on the suggested auto completion.

Your cursor now will have that item, click to place, right click to return to normal cursor.
Do the same for the dry stone.


Let’s Build Vadenost!

Started a new little Let’s Build with the newly released Northern Alliance, and this is the result of the first episode!


Hey you should unlock the ascendancy tier 2 recipes. you get more windows and even gates!


I am working on that, but not getting the quest XD


I beleive theres a way to do it threw commands if you just want them for creative building


Hey everyone!

I made a small little video about the builder tool in StoneHearth!
You can find more info about it here: [YouTube] Builder Tutorial