Let's Build the city of Splenwood


Hey there!
So, I’ve played StoneHearth a bit in the past year ever since Alpha 22, and grew to love it. Played it on my YouTube a bit and generally got minorly addicted to the cuteness of this game.

Lately, I tried something new though. Rather than my normal Let’s Plays, I went to go and just build… and build… and build… for 15 hours…

So, after 15 hours of playing the game in this single save, I managed to build the city of Splenwood. One of Rayya’s children hidden deep within a desert, often tormented by sandstorms. For this very reason, the people of Splenwood decided to dig down. They dug a deep hole into the ground near a lake and build a wall around that to prevent the sand from falling in. They build an aquaduct so they have access to fresh water, they build houses and shops into the sand and become happy and safe people.

This Let’s Build shows me building the city from nothing, and honestly if it wasn’t for one person in my comment section saying I should post it here, I probably would never have thought of it. So, hope you enjoy!

Let’s Build Splenwood