[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Pirate Town Livestream Ep 3


Pirate Town Livestream EP 4
Starting Today 7PM GMT+2


Live in 15min :slight_smile:


Highrock Hardmode Episode 7


Going live in a Few minutes On Youtube

Stream over but you can still watch the latest livestream fully on the same link :slight_smile:


Stonehearth Highrock | Episode 8 | Hardmode
Raiding the Goblins!


Stonehearth Highrock | Episode 9 | Hardmode


Stonehearth Highrock | Episode 10 | Hardmode


Hi @Banto :slight_smile: I was wondering if you use Xsplit or obs to stream? Seems like Xsplit wont work in my end…


Hey @Fornjotr
I use OBS Studio for streaming and recording.
I never really liked xsplit and i never saw any reason to use it over OBS.

Might be a bit more to setup with OBS but it’s defiantly worth it :slight_smile: !


Highrock | Episode 11 | Hardmode


Speed Build | small castle
bit of a different than your normal medieval castle ^^


Highrock | Episode 12 | Hardmode
Building a lot of walls


Highrock | Episode 13 | Hardmode | OGO is Here!


Highrock | Moving inside the Mountain | Hardmode | EP 14


Going Live


Banto is Back

Back again from a week of vacation was a great time :smiley: Fishing, Going into an old anno 1600 cave :smiley:
Good to be back again


Twitch Livestream Episode
Decided to play some in the Desert Biome again!


About to go live on Twitch


Live on Twitch again :slight_smile: