[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Twitch Livestream | Salty Desert | Ep 2


Twitch Livestream | Salty Desert | Ep 3


Going Live on Youtube


Great to see you are still creating these vids :smile:


Livestream 18:00 / 6PM CEST
Today i Livestream on Both Twitch & Youtube at the sametime so it will be a first test!

Hope to see you guys there :smiley:


Highrock Episode 16 | Hardmode Playthrough


Latest Twitch Livestream | Episode 5 of the Salty Desert


Going Live on Twitch
Link at first post


Salty Desert - Episode 6
a bit of audio clipping in this one sadly. was surprised no one on stream said anything about it :smiley:


My Time At Portia
Not a Stonehearth Episode but thought i share this game with you guys :slight_smile:


Started a New Series
Kingdoms and Castles
Pretty cool game not sure if you guys seen it before i guess you have :smiley:


Twitch Livestream Tonight



Going Live on Twitch


Going live at 19:00 / 7 PM CEST


Latest Building on the Livestream
Got Requested to build a Town Hall and this is what we ended up with :slight_smile:


The Backside



New Stonehearth Hardmode Series


Livestream 19:00 / 7 PM CEST Today
Link at first post


Just started to learn how to mod and played around making my own Windows of the Original Stonehearth windows :slight_smile:


Somebody’s going to have to stop you before you become too powerful :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been lurking and enjoying your builds, and I’ve dropped in to a couple streams, but it seems like now that you’re starting your own modding as well you have the potential to bring your builds to a whole new level.


Made another version of it and fixed some things with it :slight_smile: