[YouTube] Me Flailing About

So here we are, with me starting over yet again, now with Alpha 17, only one mod, and the probably foolish idea of trying to link buildings together with skyways. Because why not? World seed at the start for reference.

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Some slow, steady improvement as I figure out what the farmers are capable of at each level in A17, admire how smoothly our Carpenter’s house is coming together, and then flail about verbally as one Hearthling decides we absolutely must have more scaffolding up to the roof (which is literally having the last blocks added as the scaffolding goes up) just before deciding all scaffolding can come down.

Trying to pace building development with the town as a whole, so that net worth doesn’t outpace my Hearthlings’ skills and I’m ready when the goblins start showing in force.

So we get started on a shiny new building that I’m really happy with right up until error messages happen and suddenly the whole idea of actually building a building is like speaking Universal Galactic to someone who’s only ever known Cherokee. Or something. Game broke; we’ll see if it fixes.

A reboot gets the Herbalist & Weaver house set right, and we work on tidying up the place a bit as a new Footman gets promoted. Finally we get some greenery added to the Carpenter’s house, to take advantage of the space.

With two points completed, we start work on the skyways, deveoping a general plan to use for the whole. Meanwhile, mining continues and we mess around a bit with the houses.

The skyway may not be complete-able by the Hearthlings; it may also be a CPU load issue. Don’ t know; I’ll find out when I load up again.

Possible the Hearthlings’ pathing also won’t use the skyway at all, given the decision to use scaffolding in places where using the adjoining buildings would allow access. But it should look good regardless.

We begin building defenses to help protect the town, and try to offer informative commentary on fortifications while being repeatedly interrupted leading to repeated repetition of the same bits of information. Cool gatehouse though.

Everything’s pretty nice and quiet.

Then almost all our military dies. At once.


how did you manage to kill of almost all your military troops?! This game is so easy i havent lost 1 Hearthling on hard or easy yet

Watch the video and you shall see

That is very much true