Youtube Let's Play (german)

Hello Hearthlings and visitors.

Since I have seen some german Stonehearthplayers here and I make some Youtube-Videos every now and then, I want to share my Let’s Play for this awesome game. Dont forget, it is in german. The complete playlist is here:

I would be happy if you would share your thoughts here or in the videos. This is the most recent one:

Thank you and sorry for my bad english. :smile:


Hi looks good - and here is a Topic for german folks :wink:

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Thank you, I will have a look.

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This is good–I need to practice my German for musicology anyway! I’ll have to try checking it out later.

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New episode:

The old bug with the goblins sticking in the ground starts happening again. So I dont know, if I can continue this savefile after the next video (I already prerecorded for sunday).


New Episode with some problems and crashs. Maybe some of you can help me solve them :confused:

Either way, I hope you like it!


New Episode with fresh start in peaceful. Had some problems in the beginnings that may come from translationfiles to german.

New episode! And german translation is in again. :smile:

Thanks to @Wiese2007 !

New video. :house: I am open for suggestions and stuff as always :smile:

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Next video, a bit late for my schedule.

And I think I did something wrong again… :smile:

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Two new videos:

Sadly I got the save game bug, so I probably will have to end the series in alpha 8 and either start over or wait for next stable update. Not sure yet.

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New Alpha -> New videos.

This time its with enemies again since the update puts so much effort on them. Gertman translation is in again and an error with the campfire when it gets lit. Have fun watching!

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There they are! A Goblin Camp!!!

Have fun!

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New Video! We have a spy! And have to rescue our pet.

Thanks for watching. :smile:

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Lets get some more jobs done! New video, YAY!

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Two new videos


Happy Easter!

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2 new videos again

And the second one has a funny little conclusion about an easter game I did with my subscribers:

And as always, have fun watching!

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I didnt keep up with posting my videos here lately but there are some new ones for your viewing pleasure:

I hope this links to my playlist. If it doesnt, and you want to watch more videos, here is the complete playlist for stonehearth: link

As a reminder, all my videos are german. Thanks for watching!

First Episode for new Alpha of my german Lets Play!

I love the new underwaterworld :smiley: Have fun watching!


Since Alpha 10 made me restart the progress quite often, here a new beginning:

Even though I didnt need to restart as I realized later >.<