[YouTube] A hello, and a goodbye, as well as a thank you!- NarcissisticNick

So as most of you might already know that will read this post, I’m NarcissisticNick, a YouTuber that covers a lot of Stonehearth content in a short amount of time.
Recently though, I’ve decided to join the armed forces. The processing for joining was about a month long, So I’ve had time to come to peace with everything that’s happening. That includings playing Stonehearth religiously for the past month. Unfortunately, thanks to my leaving, that simply means I won’t be able to play the game for about 15 weeks due to basic training. This isn’t a complete “goodbye, I’ll never see you again”, It’s more of a delayed recording session…By about 4 months.
I just wanted to take a quick chance to tell everyone that watched me, and everyone that supported me,
Thank you!
Thank you so much for all the support, the help, and the patience it took to watch me, and talk, and be part of an awesome community.
Thank you as well, Stonehearth devs for all your hard work on everything about this game. I’ve loved every single bit of it, and although at times I can get a bit salty and a bit upset with some of the mechanics, The game is re-playable over and over again, if not for vanilla, then for the mod’s that come with it as well.
My basic training start day is the 3rd of april, but as of today I’ll be streaming my last stream for stonehearth and many other channel favorites. After the stream, everything else in my apartment will be going into storage including my computer, and I’ll be getting ready to be shipped out. Thank you all for your time!
Anyways, without further wait, here’s the link i’ll be streaming on!-

See you guys there if you plan on joining! If not, thank you all again for all your time!
It was a fun run!


Good luck with your basic training. Do your best!

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Thank you very much! I plan on it!