Yliax's first Qubicles

This is the first thing I created using Qubicle Constructor. A little goblin inspired by the pen and paper game “Pathfinder”. :smile:

More to follow!


i like him! the leather helm was a nice touch…

the head seems a bit disproportionate, but then i suppose goblin heads are typically a bit large, arent they?

you might try adding some color and “mass” to the torso and thighs as well… but definitely take that grin off… i will be conflicted when bashing him over the head with a cute smile! :smiley:

Nice! Creepy but nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen other chocobos on here that are better than this one. I was toying around earlier today and didn’t know what I wanted to make but the blocks started taking this shape so I went with it.


LOL yeah, as I said he was inspired by the goblins in pathfinder. They tend to have evil toothy grins. The hunched back took a while to get to my liking. I still need to work on the color though. I’m not very good with that part yet.

well the model is looking very nice, which is obviously half the battle! :slight_smile:

and i like the green tone you picked for the body, so its really down to the hues of browns…