Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 4, Week 1

If you want to submit your stories then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme. If you have new ideas for competition themes, you can submit those right here.

Hey there’s a piece of my story I put in a blockquote as a sort of set up, are those words still gonna be counted?

even with the blockquote, you’re barely over the limit… fear not… :wink:

Good, good. :relieved:

lol I thought that it had to be under 300, so mine is kind of short :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries… you are welcome to flesh it out more if you like! and i only glanced at the story (off to get the kids in bed), but did you include a reference to a modern day historical landmark?

Just completed mine. I’m referencing the Vyrnwy Lake Dam, from Wales. Apparently, it’s one of the first stone dams of its kind, built before the turn of the century. It fit nicely to the Victorian/Steampunk timeframe, I figured.

it did indeed… loved the submission! and i admit, i googled said landmark…

+1 internet points for extra creativity… :smile:

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Nice job, @Atralane. The pacing on that story is really good, and I’m finding myself really loving this Harv dude. Hopefully we get to see more of him in your future short stories.


I so badly wanted to keep my story within my own created universe… hope its sufficient to include a replica of a landmark (and have it destroyed).
Anyhow - hope yall enjoy this small cybersteampunk piece :stuck_out_tongue:

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of course! very clever use of the required component… :+1:

Only 5 Likes out of 93 views yet… oh well we can’t possibly force people to read… le sigh

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Really? At least the views are higher than I expected. I hope some of them consider voting and giving feedback in future cycles.

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