Wounded Rabbit?

I have just gotten the pop up text about a wounded rabbit. I’ve waited a few days and nothing has happened, there are some Kobold camps from before the pop up, but there doesn’t seem to be a new one.

it should have been a small invasion (3 to 5 kobolds i think) and a new camp somewhere iirc
only did that once so i can be wrong

Thanks! But I can’t tell which ones.

further details when i get back to that point xD if no other does first :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, nope, at least the “rest here we will protect you” spawns 2 kobolds and 2 wolfs. after defeating them it finish
you took any of the other 2 options? (sorry have fun and get out of here / we patch you but go away after that)

There’s a chance the kobolds will spawn in an area where they can’t access your town, which causes them to stand in place rather than “chasing the fleeing rabbit.” I believe they do start idle-moving eventually, which makes them even harder to tell apart from other kobolds.

Because of this I often take the “we’ll patch you up” option, purely because I can set-and-forget crafting for its requirements and thus always complete the wounded rabbit event immediately hahah.