I don't get any more missions

I failed the dragon mission and I no longer get any rabbit mission does anyone know why it could be and I’m playing with someone and that person is given the missions until the end of the rabbits. but nothing to me.

Just an idea because it has happend to me before, look around the map for the kobold archers and wolfs that are chasing the rabbit who asked for help, some times when you click on “we´ll defend you” they spawn trapped and are unable to reach you and the quest will be hidden from you until you kill them.

And for the dragon one, thats a hard one, next time make a especial save game as soon as you get the notification, for restarting it in case of failure.
As advice if your army isn’t big enough, try to use archers or priest for killing the skeleton wolfs from a safe distance before attacking the complete horde (the wolfs hit the hardest, move fast and they have an area attack). The mobs will not leave certain distance from the entrance so if you are carefull they should be safe. After dealing with the wolfs and some of the other skeletons you should rush the giant for it to stop hitting the gate.

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