No way to progress Rabbit quest

Hi guys,

I am trying to do the new rabbit clan quest, and I gathered from the campaign viewer that there should be some kobolds to slay (or some such). However there are now more enemy camps on the map, and dozens of game days have passed.

I can see that there is a “timeout” as part of the quest, but I do not see a way to trigger that manually from the campaign viewer like you sometimes can.


Any help would be great, let me know if I should upload my save



Looks like my problem

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Will be fixed in the next build for future saves, but I’m afraid you’re in a bad state with no great way to recover.

If you really want to have bunnies on this save, I’d trigger the “delay_campaign_start” node again, which should give you a fresh copy of it. Not exactly the safest method, but I think it’ll work?