Rabbits won't give me Heirbloom quest after they give me seeds

I was given the quest to grow the Heirbloom plant and was given the seeds. I then grew the plant and nothing happened. I thought at first that they wanted the fruit but I watched a video and I see that they actually want the stalks. I have over 100 stalks and I’m not getting prompted to give it to them. It is winter but I don’t think that affects whether or not they will give quests. I have spent over 3 hours dormant in the game waiting for the quest where I hand it in to them and don’t know what to do.

  1. Get the Heirbloom seeds right before winter. 2. Grow them to get enough for what they will ask (10). 3. When winter comes they just won’t ask for them

Expected: I would get a prompt to hand in the 10 stalks

Revived: I never get the prompt

Version 1.0

as what kingdom are you playing when this happens?
to check out the problem a save file might be good, if you have it :slight_smile: ?

I’m having the same problem in the AC version of the game arc. I’ve been growing the heirbloom and that quest hasn’t been furthered in quite a number of hours. In fact, since then, I’ve been given the Rabbit Residents quest. Haven’t heard back about the stalks.

The rabbit quests are randomly chosen, but they come in sets based on the trust/reputation that you have with the rabbits.

So it’s possible that you have passed to the next set of quests and you won’t get the heirbloom ones anymore. Or simply bad luck. If you have a surplus of items, just stop growing them.

I think the quest that gives you the seeds is independent from the ones that ask for stalks (not guaranteed that you’ll get that quest right afterwards).

I might be wrong, though (as in it might still be possible to receive the stalks quest) but I don’t have SHED ready here to double check it. Someone else might be able to confirm.