Put out some vegetables!

Hello, I don’t know how to do the quest for the rabbit clan, please help me !

  1. Have enough vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.) in your inventory.
  2. Click on the Notifications button.
  3. Open the quest notification.
  4. Click Complete.
  5. Profit!
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OH ! Thank you ! I’m actualy playing with the northen alliance so it’s a bit hard but I’ll try thanks

Assuming you are playing in the Tundra biome, you can forage for wild sweet potatoes.

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Yeah of course ! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve 27 potatoes but… can’t do the quest

Are they stored somewhere? If yes, can you upload a save?

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Yes there where I mine, not outside

I believe you actually have to have them somewhere in a chest or stockpile. Them just laying about randomly in the map doesn’t quite work

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Ok, I take note, Thank you !

I don’t have any raw vegetables I only have sweet potatoes… How am I supposed to do to have raw vegetables ?

Sweet potatoes are raw vegetables. Or did you have them cooked? If they’re in a basket, they’re raw. If they’re on a plate, they’ve been cooked.

They’re in a basket but I can’t complete the quest

You need 5 of them if I remember right. Get them into a stockpile or chest and you should be able to complete the quest. If they’re laying around on the open ground/floors, they’re not counted in your inventory so far as merchants and certain quests are concerned.

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Yes that’s right, ok I see, I’ll try to do what you say, thank you very much

You’re welcome and good luck.

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Thank you I’ll need that