Are there any guides to this game?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there are any up to date guides for this game? I have attempted to look on Google and use the wiki (also steam guides). Sadly what I kept finding was out of date or something I am already familiar with.

Currently I am attempting to get Clan Amberstone to move into my base and I am at an impasse where I place my Amberstone pedestal inside a house (walls, roof, windows, the two beds the quest asked for) and I don’t seem to be able to continue for some reason.

I am also seeking what the “Giant Warhorn” does? I assume it calls the Titan or something bad happens.

Any help would be welcome and thank you for taking to the time to read.

For as far as I am aware, there aren’t any guides out yet, no up-to-date atleast

Though, I do recommend checking youtube as there are enough YouTubers who play through the game and show off the different quests

for the rabbits you have to have a high appeal rating