Advanced guide?

Hi guys

I’m currently looking for a advanced guide for stonehearth, but i haven’t been able to find a good and comprehensive guide, most of the guides online are usually only basic guides. If you guys know of one, could you share it with me? :grin: thanks guys

well the issue right now, is that the game is still in the alpha stage. Quite a bit of content is being adjusted at each alpha release. As stated in other post in this forum, writing a comprehensive guide would require a good amount of time and effort to do right and would have to be redone each time an alpha is released. That is the reason most of the guides so far have been fairly basic.

The community on discourse is very active and helpful. If you have a particular question, it can be answered fairly quickly.
Also watching the desktop Tuesdays, along with the twitch stream offers much insight into tactics, and strategies for game play.

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As georkhan says the game changes quite a bit. Really all tactics may change with every Alpha, a 16 certainly chnaged everything up by a lot.