Workers stop working after game load

Summary: Workers simply forget to continue buildings under construction after loading a previously saved game.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a building
  2. Save game
  3. Quit
  4. Load

Expected Results: Workers continue to build buildings after load.

Actual Results: Workers are idle.

Attachments: (5.1 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 18 Rel 663

System Information: Win 10 Intel

Hey there @jakeil7. I loaded up your save. Looks like you are out of wood! Try harvesting some trees - as soon as I did that they resumed building. You can check if you are out of something needed to build by clicking on an unfinished building.

Duh. Well, thats one issue fixed. Unfortunately even with logs and turning on building again on the dining hall, that structure still seems to be stuck :frowning: ,

Hmm, I didn’t watch to see it complete, only that they started working on it again. I’m now away from my computer, give me a few hours and I’ll load it back up and take a look.

OK. The dining hall isn’t finishing due to the berry bush that’s in the way of scaffolding.

Notice the ladder circled in blue. The hearthlings are trying to take it down, but can’t reach it. Manually build a ladder up to it so they can remove it. You might also need to move that bush so they can place the lamp on the wall.