Workers getting stuck inside slabs

Once building began on my great structure my hearthlings decided that sleeping while building was a good idea, cause the other hearthlings would wake them up if they needed to move them. To their surprise the hearthlings were built in the stairs themselves! With no one able to rescue them, they sadly starved and deprived themselves of sleep till they died.

When building slabs hearthlings will fall asleep on them unfinished and get built into the structure and are unrecognisable


So I take it you hadn’t built them beds yet? It’s the only reason I can imagine them falling asleep on the spot. I think most of the veteran players will try and build some beds in the first day and so we don’t have them getting built over. This is why new faces are always good for game testing!

Assumed steps to reproduce:
1/ Don’t give your hearthlings beds to sleep in.
2/ Use the floor tool to build up a tall staircase and tell them to build it.
3/ Watch the poor dears go to sleep in mid build and get built over.


:anguished: poor hearthlings!!

They also get stuck in hollow buildings, unfortunately. I lost a good carpenter that way - and what was he doing away from his job in the first place?


@coasterspaul arent we all saying that about any one of our hearthlings who is “calling in a sick day to help the lowly slaves
Mayor: Tom get back to work. Let the Workers build the house thats what there payed to do …” 5 seconds later … Tom… Tom… No dont go to sleep right there Tom …
2 mins later you hear the bones crushing as the stone finally suffocates Tom generating a un retrevable head stone and a very annoying piano thats stuck on your freshly finished stair well

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